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I hope this doesn't sound racist, but there's something about black guys that's just incredibly sexual. I mean it's either like they're made to be a bitch and take loads or they're the ultimate stud top who can fuck you into oblivion. Yes, I know not all black guys are like that, but enough are like that to have some truth to it. And these two from Breed It Raw are definitely like that. You've got a bitch bottom named Reeko, and an incredible stud top named Rio…

I'll start with Rio… The man is an INCREDIBLE top… His muscles and tattoos make him completely intimidating. Then there's the enormous big black cock swinging between his legs. His pierced nipple is pretty sexual.  And you should see the size of his ball sack. It almost hangs as low as his huge dick. And, as you might expect of such a powerful über top, he cums like a fire hose. It's one of the biggest loads of cum I've seen in a long time.

They matched Rio with a young boyish bottom named Reeko. I could totally see a boy like him living his life in a flop house servicing guy. It's like he's made to be a bitch bottom. There are times when he screams out in pain, but he just takes it 'cause he knows his place. He's there to service superior men and give them anything they want.

So if you like seeing sluts being used by powerful, dom tops, check the full video out on – it looks pretty hot!

Reeko in pain as he gets fucked by a big dicked top
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