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Another Site Goes Bareback – Bulldog Pit

November 14, 2015

Pale white guy laying back enjoying a blowjob
Hairy little muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez sitting on a big raw cockHairy, tattooed muscle cub bottom getting fucked bareback
Tattooed, hairy muscle bottom shares an intimate bareback fuck with a top

Bulldog Pit has always been one of those sites that I wish would go bareback. Ever since day 1 they've had a somewhat edgy vibe to them. Their vibe used to be very "street". And the guys would get pretty raunchy – they had some hot fisting scenes, etc. BUT they always wore rubbers. Well, now they're ditching the rubbers and going raw, but I'm not sure the guys are as edgy as they used to be. I mean they're still hot, but it just feels a little more "average" than it used to.

Take this scene for example… The top, Craig Daniel, has a wonderful cock – it's nice, big and thick. But other than that he's just the guy next door type. Completely unremarkable. He does have a scruffy/sleazy vibe to him though. I think his edginess would be more enhanced if he weren't filming in a mostly white overlit room. If the setting were a dark sleazy sex club somewhere I think it would be a lot hotter.

Then there's the bottom – Sergi Rodriguez. He just comes across as a hungry cumhole who can't get enough dick and cum. I love his muscle cub vibe. Although once I noticed that he shaves his arm that has the full sleeve tattoo it started bugging me. I mean he's hairy, and then he's got this one arm that is shaved. Yeah, the tattoo is really great, but I'm not sure what to think of the fact that he shaves his arm. Anyway, that's all just a distraction – he's a hot little muscle bottom who looks like a great fuck.

So head over to and check it out. All the new scenes will be bareback, and they've got a big library of stuff that's actually pretty hot if you can stand looking at condoms. I just hope they get back into their groove and shoot stuff that's a bit edgier than what you see here.

Hungry muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez getting fucked barebackWhite top empties his load into a muscle bottom's ass
Top cums in a bottom's ass as the bottom blows his load on his hairy chest

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The Allure Of A Power Bottom @ Lucas Entertainment

October 25, 2015

Derek Parker and his hard cockDerek Parker's well used hole about to be rimmed while he's also kissed
Derek Parker spit roasted by two tops
Power bottom Derek Parker is the center of attention

Have you ever been at a sex club when some really hot cumdump comes in and then the tops ignore all the other bottoms and line up for the hot cumdump? As much as you'd think tops would rule the gay sex world (since they're harder to find than bottoms), power bottoms definitely have that name for a reason. That's sorta what happens in this scene from Lucas Entertainment – it's like everything revolves around Derek Parker… True, he's vers, not a total bottom, but I'd still label him a "power bottom" – he's just one that also tops from time to time (like he does in this scene – but notice that when he cums he's got a finger up his butt).

For starters, just look at this asshole in the picture top right. I mean that's one experienced hole! It's clear just looking at how it puckers that it's seen a lot of use. He knows how to make tops happy with that thing! Hell, as you see in the scene, his hole can take a double fucking without much effort. He may be vers, but he's totally a power bottom… And it's not just his hole. His whole body was just made for sex! He's seriously hot – lean, muscled, heavily tatt'd. He's a gay succubus, and he knows it.

The other two guys are Marcus Isaacs (with the big bird tattoo on his torso) and BJ Rhubarb. I gotta say – who gave BJ that last name? It was like the first producer he worked for didn't like him and gave him a stupid name and he kept it. Rhubarb? Really? He's named after a vegetable? (And not one that people are particularly fond of).

I gotta pity the bottom who's trying to get loads at a sex party that Derek Parker attends. But there are times when you just have to submit to the superior man. And Derek Parker is definitely one of those men.

So whether you're a top who wants to fantasize about dumping your load in Derek, or a bottom who wants to worship one of your heros… Head over to and take a look at all their Derek Parker videos… He's figgin' hot and incredible at making men (and their cocks) very happy!

Derek Parker's big ass fucked barebackMarcus Isaacs on top during a double fuck
Derek Parker blows his load on a hairy hole while another guy fingers his ass

Three Hungry Holes, One Wins @ Bareback That Hole

July 02, 2015

Kasey, Greg and Peter show off their holes
Kasey and Greg kiss and spit over Peter's hole
Peter sucks off Greg while Greg and Anthony trade some spitgreg getting ready to breed kasey's opne hole while peter stand by.

When you look at that first pic above you probably wonder "which one would I want to fuck first? They all look so hungry for dicks & loads…" I mean they're clearly all really piggy guys who have probably been fucked raw thousands of times. That's sorta what you expect of the guys at Bareback That Hole – they're all pretty authentic pigs. But one of them won out…

So the guys in the scene are Peter Axel – the muscle bear daddy, Greg York – the long haired, heavily tattooed dude, and Kasey Anthony – the guy with the leather ball cap (not to be confused with Casey Anthony – the mother who was found not guilty of killing her 3 year-old in that high-profile case a number of years ago.)

There are tons of scenes out there Kasey is a top. I knew he was vers, but a little surprised that in this scene he's pretty much the designated bottom. I mean the guys do swap fucks, but when it comes to loads Kasey was tagged as "it" – he got both Peter's and Greg's load right where it counts – in his ass. That pic of his cummy ass (below) is a beautiful thing. I wish I were there to felch the loads (and dump one of my own in there).

Kasey has shot a couple scenes at my place. He's a really sweet guy. He's actually got a very respectable job that keeps him busy. He does porn 'cause he just loves sex. Definitely my kind of pig!

If you like watching porn with hardcore pigs, head over to – they're generally really raunchy over there – and that's a very good thing, 'cause the best sex is sex without inhibitions…

Peter nails Kasey who loves sucking Greg's cock while getting fucked
Greg guides Kasey's uncut cock into Peter's lubed up hole
Kasy hole sloppy with 2 loads

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Power Bottom Twink Gets Triple Fucked @Staxus

June 20, 2015

Four hot guys sucking and kissing in bed
Bottom gets his ass fucked while another guy sucks his dick

There are quite a few double fuck scenes out there, and getting double fucked is an impressive accomplishment – especially when the tops have big dicks. Clearly bottoms who get double fucked are "power bottoms", but what about getting triple fucked? That's just a whole other category all together. In fact I didn't even know it was all that possible until I saw this scene on where Johny Cruz has three guys fuck him all at once.

So the "plot" for this scene is that Johny Cruz is having sex with Alejandro Alvarez (the bearded guy sucking dick in the top pic above) and Xavi Duran (the tattooed guy). Xavi is first in Johny's ass – fucks him while he's 69ing Alejandro. But then both the tops start double fucking him. You'd think that was enough but no, pizza arrives and the pizza guy (Jace Reed) joins in and soon the double fuck turns into a triple fuck.

Now just think about the mechanics of a triple fuck. Usually the rule is that the top with the biggest dick lays on his back and the top with the shorter dick comes in from behind. But when two tops are coming in from behind the second one has to have a really long, hard cock since the ass of the other top is in the way and he sorta has to get past that just to get to the bottom's hole. But Jace definitely has a huge cock that's up to the task. That's the monster that Alejandro is sucking in the first pic.

What's curious is that Johny almost takes the triple fuck in stride. It's Alejandro who looks like he's going through really intense sensations. He's got his dick buried really deep in Johny's hole. The pressure on his dick as Johny's hole is stretched to the limit must have been pretty incredible.

The only thing I can fault this video for is that Johny didn't get any loads up his ass. All three tops gave him a big cum facial instead. It would have been cool to see his ass dripping pink cream. I mean with all those dicks in him you'd think he's bleed a little, and it's always hot to see cum mixed with a little blood. You just know that cum is in there doing it's job…

If you like double fucks and even triple fucks, head over to Staxus… Bottoms taking multiple dicks is one of their specialties. As well as a few fisting scenes and big dildos, multiple dildos, etc.

Bottom kissing a top while he gets double fucked
Three tops triple fuck a bottom

Would You Bend Over In A Public Place To Get A Load?

June 16, 2015

Ben Venido sucks Bo Bangor's hard cock in an adult bookstore
BO Bangor fingers Ben Venido's hole
Inked muscle daddy raw fucking another daddy

Have you ever had sex in a public place? A porn shop, like in this scene from TIMFuck, isn't exactly as public as say fucking on the subway or on a bridge, but still, anyone could walk in on you – it's just in a porn shop you know people will probably not object to what they see…

The top in this scene is Bo Bangor. I gotta say he's got a hot masculine vibe to him – so much so that even I might bottom for him. That's how tops are supposed to look and how they're supposed to carry themselves.

The bottom (Ben Venido) is no slouch either – totally the type of take-all-loads cumhole you'd expect in a porn shop. He reminds me of the hundreds of experienced holes who've milked loads out of my dick over the years. They're always a good fuck 'cause they know how to please a top.

So would you bend over in the middle of an ABS to take a load from a hot muscle daddy like Bo Banger? Not sure? Then head over to and watch the full video to get your courage up. The guys at TIMFuck really do make excellent role models :)

Raw cock getting inside a hairy hole
Hard cock spurting cum on a hairy ass