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I've liked the stuff that Jalif Studio does for a while now. Problem is, it wasn't bareback, so I stopped paying attention to them. Well… Good news! They've decided to start doing bareback scenes. Not all of their stuff is bareback, but raw fucking just fits really well with their edgy persona.

In this scene you've got two hairy, beefy, masculine guys - Alejandro Villa who's got a HUGE THICK dick on  him. No question he's gonna be the top. I mean dicks like that were made to punish bottoms. And then there's Paco Jones – a hot beefy, hairy, daddy bottom.

I guess the masks are to protect their identities. I know I wear one when I do videos, so I have no right to say this – but I miss seeing their faces. I mean they look like great bareback pigs. Just wish they were a bit more proud of their sex lives. I mean Alejandro's friends are really missing out – bet they don't know he's packing a huge monster between his legs.

So, if you like edgy, raunchy porn, check out the new bareback stuff over at – I bet you'll like it!

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