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Muscle Bear Daddy & His Boy @ Raw Joxxx

July 16, 2015

Hairy muscle guy sucks a hard dick
Nick Tiano bent over getting fucked by hairy daddy Brad Kalvo
Hairy top barebacking a smooth assBottom throws his legs in the air for a muscle daddy top

When I look at other tops the ones I'm most enthralled by are the muscle daddy tops – like Brad Kalvo in this sce at They just exude topness. So much that even I would bottom for them. In my mind they're the top of the heap when it comes to tops. They've got attitude and looks that match what most bottoms want in a top. In fact, my attempts to get back in shape are me trying to get closer to the muscle daddy ideal.

If the bottom who's paired with a muscle daddy is younger, smaller and submissive, then you've got another of my favorite things – a daddy/boy scene. Nick Tiano may not be all that much younger than Brad, but he's definitely got a "boy" vibe going on. He looks like he'd be an awesome bottom to fuck. And I could totally see him cuddling up with his daddy top in some leather bar somewhere.

At first I was thinking "this isn't a very typical scene for Raw Joxxx", but as I thought about it, it actually is within what you'd expect of that site. Most of the guys on Raw Joxxx are on the athletic side of normal, regular guys – like Nick Tiano. But most of the scenes on the site are shot by Tyler Reed who appears in a bunch of the scenes. While Tyler isn't really "daddy" the way Brad Kalvo is, he is a bit of a daddy compared to the "boys" he fucks, so the whole daddy-boy thing is definitely within what's usual Raw Joxxx. Head over and check it out… If you like watching "regular", "hot" guys fuck, you should really like it…

Brad Kalvo smiles as he fucks a willing bottom in the missionary position

Ray Dalton Is One Lucky Pig! @ RawAndRough

July 10, 2015

Hairy ass getting drilled with a dildo and pissed on during a gangbang
Furry bear Nick Roberts fucks Ray Dalton during a gangbang
Lex Antoine breeding Ray Dalton during a gangbang

A few weeks ago I met up with Ray Dalton when he was in NYC. It was an interesting chat. I actually started writing up a blog post about it and then stopped 'cause I wasn't sure if he was OK with me sharing some of what he said. But the bottom line is that Ray's a great guy with a head on his shoulders.

One thing we discussed is how he was a vers bottom before he got back into porn and escorting. He kept getting cast as a top on porn shoots and clients kept hiring him as a top, not a bottom, so over the past few years he's actually been more of a top than a bottom just because so much of his sex life is wrapped up in "work".

And then there's the latest scene over at Raw & Rough where Ray gets gangbanged by 5 tops… Clearly he finally got a gig as a bottom and it sorta made up for all those times producers wanted him as a top!

The tops in the scene are: Nick Roberts – the furry guy with the chain harness, Lex Antoine – the guy in the J-holster harness, Shay Michaels – the beefy muscle guy in the asymmetrical harness, Aarin Asker – the guy with bleached hair and the above-the-tits harness, and lastly Lukas Cipriani – the tattooed guy with the long hair and the below-the-tits harness. [It is impressive the number of different types of harnesses they managed to get into one scene…]

Ray is such a big pig at heart that 5 dicks just wasn't enough – he wanted more, so Shay Michaels put a dildo on a power tool and pummeled Ray's ass with it. Nothing like roughing up a hole before it gets filled with cum, right? And of course it wouldn't be a proper Dick Wadd video if there weren't a bunch of piss, so Lex Antoine let rip a huge stream of piss while Shay was working the ass with the power tool. Now, I sorta question the wisdom of pissing on something electrical – that could have ended very badly if the piss got mixed with the electricity, but luckily that didn't happen.

Now the question is, what will Ray's bottom clients think of him getting gangbanged? Would they rather get fucked by someone who's "all top" (or at least mostly top)? But Ray is totally a free spirit, so if someone really likes what Ray's about I can't see them being bothered by this scene. I mean hell, Ray's Twitter stream is filled with references of him getting loads as much as giving them, so it's not like Ray's bottoming is some big secret.

Think this is hot and wanna see more? Head over to and check out the full video – it's hot!

Shay Michaels fucking Ray Dalton's hairy ass during a gangbang
Ray Dalton taking a load from Shay Michaels during a 5 top gangbang
Lukas Cipriani dumping a load on Ray Dalton's hole during a gangbang

Masculine Guys Make Great BB Fuck Buds @ BBTH

May 15, 2015

Hung beefy bears in bed Lee Denim and Chad BrockBeefy Lee Denim and his massive cockBeefy Chad Brock teasing
Chad licks the shaft of Lee's huge dick
Lee gets a taste of Chad's beefy ass

Twinks and jocks are pretty to look at, but often the best sex is with a mature man who's been around the block a few times and knows what he's doing. Especially when the hot daddy has been taking care of his body and is as hot as Lee Denim and Chad Brock in this scene from Bareback That Hole.

Lee Denim may not have the best name for a pornstar (guess he was wearing Lee jeans the day he got his name), but DAMN - he's got an incredible dick. In the solo pic of him at the top of the post it's so big it almost looks unreal.  And then in the action shots you see how beautiful that thing really is. The only downside is that guys that have dicks with mushroom heads have the bad habit of pulling the cum out of a bottom's ass if he's got loads in him already. So I guess Lee will just have to go first ;)

And Chad Brock – I gotta say I love his body. And his guiche just screams "I'm a bottom who loves to get fucked!" I usually go for bottoms who are younger than me, but I'd totally fuck Chad any day of the week… He's one hot bottom!

If you like mature guys who know how to have a good sleazy time, check out They're consistently a great site. You'll like it!

Chad ready to slide onto Lee's bare cock:ee ready to pound CHad's ass with his massive cock
Chad  Brock gets his hole fucked bareback
Lee shoots his load on Chad's hairy hole

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Like Hot Beefy Muscle Guys? Then… BarebackThatHole

March 16, 2015

Ben Statham on his knees sucking Jake's thick cockNick slides his raw cock into Ben's hungry hole
Nick eats Ben's hole while he works Jake's cock
Nick ready to force hsi raw dick into Jake's beefy ass

If you like real men who don't have pretensions, then you'll love this scene from Bareback That Hole featuring three hot beefy studs – Nick Moretti (the one with hair), Jake Norris (the bigger of the bald guys) and Ben Statham.

What I love is seeing Ben taking raw dick after doing condom porn for so long. Bareback really is better and sooner or later, if you love fucking, you're gonna go raw just 'cause it's hotter and feels 100 times better.

Nick Moretti you probably know – he's been around for a while now and has probably fucked every major bareback bottom in the business (I'm seriously jealous).

The "new guy" is Jake Norris. He's done a little porn, but not all that much. I love his huge beefy muscle build. I'd love to have a body like that, but it's gonna take a lot more work! And I love how he's vers. You expect a guy like that to be a top, but to see him bend over and take dick just goes to show how hot it is for "real men" to get fucked raw and take loads.

If you could have sex with only one of them, which would you pick? It's a hard choice, right? In the meantime, head over to and see them all in hot bareback action. It's a great site for hot "regular" guys…

Ben and Nick kiss while Jake slides hsi raw cock up Ben's ass

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Smooth Little Twink Gets Fucked By 300# Bear @ Monster Cub

February 23, 2015

Cute young boyish twink Hector HabibCute little twink worshipping a fat guy with a big belly
Chub enjoying a blowjob
Big chubby guy fucking a little skinny guy

There's a site that came out a while ago that I never did a post on until now – It's a bit like Stocky Dudes, if you know that site. In fact Monster Cub is run by the producer for Stocky Dudes, it just has a different producer.

Anyway, chubs have never really been "my thing" but, having been one (or damn close to it), I know a bunch of you do get into bears & chubs. And this video just goes to prove that it's not just other cubs/bears/chubs who get into sex with heavy guys, smooth, tiny little twinks like it too…

The rather adorable bottom in this video is Hector Habib. With a name like that I'm not sure if he's Latino or Middle Eastern – he could certainly pass for either, but he's gotta weigh less than half of what the top (Hunter Scott) weighs. Hunter (aka "Gunner Scott") is a formidable 6'3". Given that I'm 6' and got up to 250# and never looked that big, I'm guessing Hunter is over 300 pounds.

Meanwhile Hector looks like he's maybe 120 lbs. Can you imagine having a guy that's 2 1/2 times your size pounding you with a really thick cock? Oh, and Hunter does indeed have a thick dick. It's something like 7x7 – not the biggest in length but he makes up for it in girth. There's one pic (that I didn't include) where Hector's mouth looks like it's strained to the breaking point trying to suck Hunter. Now imagine that weapon of ass destruction pounding away at Hector's petite little hole.

If you like big guys like Hunter, you really should check out Monster Cub. While only some of the scenes show little guys like Hector, Hunter is pretty typical of what you'll find there – in fact he's the producer and in a lot of the scenes.

Bottom with hair ass gets fucked bareback
Fat guy with big belly fucking a skinny twink
Hector Habib winces as he gets fucked