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Another Site Goes Bareback –

November 04, 2015

Two young gay guys kissingMischa Stone gets his cock worshipped
Skinny little twink on squats down to suck dickTeen bends over so his buddy can rim his ass
Little Mishca Stone raw fucks Tim LawSkinny little twink top loves the feeling of bareback fucking is a European twink site that's been around for a pretty long time, but up until recently it's always been a condom site. But that's changed and now about half the scenes are bareback. They're gonna see how those scenes do and if they do well enough to compensate for one distribution channel that only accepts condom porn, then the site may go fully bareback.

This particular scene features Mischa Stone who is that rare animal – the young, little top. I mean if you were were to look at him you'd think he was a bottom. He's probably 18 or 19, and young guys are usually bottoms. And he's, what, 5'4" (162 cm)? And short guys are usually bottoms. BUT, he's got a decent cock on him – bigger and thicker than what you'd expect on a little guy. AND he seems to like to use it ;)

The bottom is a young jock named Tim Law. He's just 18, so he completely conforms to the stereotype of teen = bottom. Personally I'd love to see him in some intergenerational porn getting fucked by guys in their upper 20s to mid-40s (and possibly even older). He totally fits the "little brother" persona and he'd make a great "boy" in a daddy/boy scene. As it is, I'm a little thrown off by seeing him get fucked by a little twink. But hey, it's still hot. I mean both of them are hot in their own way and who am I to say that people need to conform to stereotypes?

So head over to Spritzz and check out all the hot twinks. Now is the time to make them see that bareback content can really make money. If they do well with these scenes then they may go 100% raw – which would be excellent…

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Little Twink Gives His Ass To Studly Top @Staxus

July 19, 2015

Top eyes twink's ass as the twink sucks his big dick
Top kisses a bottom as he fucks him with a huge dick
Noah Matous legs up getting fucked bareback

As a top I gotta say it's incredibly hot to see a teen fuckboy in action. At that age they're so horny – they just wanna suck cock and get fucked. That's totally the case with Noah Matous in this scene from

Noah barely looks 18. He's as skinny as they come, and almost hairless. You can just tell from that first pic above that 1) he loves big dick like the one on Shane Barret that's filling his mouth, and 2) the way he pushes his ass up in the air makes it clear he's hungry to get that big dick up his butt. You just know a lot little fuck boy like that gets tons of cum up his ass. I'd love to see him in action at a bathhouse taking load after load.

Noah's got a nice dick on him too. One of these days he'll make a good top. They say you gotta bottom sometimes to be a good top. After all the dick he takes while he's still a teen, I'm sure all that experience will make him an excellent top.

And the top, Shane Barret, is pretty excellent too. He's got a hot, muscled jock body, and his cock is HUGE – perfect to put Noah in his place.

I recommend heading over to Staxus to see teh full video – it's over a half hour long! And there are tons of other hot teen and twink bareback videos to watch as well when you finally get to the end of this one…

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Noah Matous gets dominated by a big dicked top

Young Guys Are Hungry For Cum @ Dudes Raw

April 01, 2015

Two young gay guys who bareback
Evan forces Ashton down on his dickAshton Cooper works the head of Evan Stevens dick
Even pounds Ashton's hole bareback on the couchAshton slides down on Even's bare dick

A lot of the porn you watch has older guys and "hot" guys who could be models and you start thinking those are the only types of guys who bareback. Or you get the idea that all young guys are twinks. But that's not the case at all. Real teens have acne. Real teens do stuff that's rebellious and sometimes awkward looking. It's those sorts of guys that Dudes Raw features in this scene. And it just goes to remind you that that somewhat awkward teen next door probably also wants to fuck bareback and give and take loads. Barebacking really is a universal impulse.

The teens in this scene are Ashton Cooper - the young bottom who's struggling with acne, and Evan Stevens – the dark skinned (Latino?) punk with the pierced lips. ("Angel bites", to be precise). Ashton does a great job of servicing Evan's cock. He really gets into sucking Evan's cock and then gives up his hole like a champ.

But the best part of the video has to be the cumshot  with Evan blowing a huge thick load all over Ashton's eager hole. But Evan is hungry for cum himself and starts felching his load from Ashton's ass. Then Evan manages to blow a second load right into Ashton's hungry mouth. That's one lucky bottom – he got both an oral load and an anal load, and one talented top!

So next time you see some awkward teen – flirt with him. You might just wind up having fun! In the meantime, head over to and check out all the "regular guys" they've got barebacking. Real sex with real guys is HOT  'cause it's the genuine thing…

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Cam Shows Are Coming Back To Jason Sparks Live

February 27, 2015

Chad Porter kisses Travis StevensTwink gets a blowjob
Twink smiles as he rides his buddy's dick bareback
Young tattooed jock ges fucked bareback by a smooth twink

Good news for all you twink and young jock fans – the "live" part of Jason Sparks Live is coming back. They were doing live shows when the site first launched but they ended about a year ago. Well, cam shows are back and the first is on Sunday and it features one of the guys from their latest scene – Travis Stevens (the younger/thinner guy with no tattoo who's topping in the pic above).

As you can see in this scene where he's paired with Chad Porter (the slightly older, slightly more muscular, tattooed guy), Travis is vers – he can take it as well as give it. He's just 19 years old, so he's never really had a reason to rubber up so he loves going raw. And not just going raw, but taking loads. Watch the promo clip below and you'll see when Chad gets close he says "Yeah, Breed Me!" So despite the fact that he looks like a clean-cut mama's boy, he's actually a good bareback pig who loves having a cummy hole ;)

Usually live shows are the domain of the muscle sites, so it's good to see some bareback live shows happening. This first one will be solo, but going forward about half will be full on bareback sex shows where you can interact (via text) with the performers and/or the crew as it's happening. That should really set the site apart from the others where you only get to see stuff that was shot in a controlled environment.

The cam show is on Sunday, so head over and sign up on so you can start watching the shows. Should be fun ;)

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Teen Ex-Boyfriends Swap Raw Fucks @ Helix

February 04, 2015

Ex-boyrfriends Evan Parker & Andy TaylorHot young twink cocksucker
Teen gets his smooth ass rimmed
Twink throws his legs in the air to get fucked bareback

Young love can be a funny thing – especially when it's between two porn stars and they're both teens. Apparently Evan Parker and Andy Taylor from Helix Studios had a rather long, 9 month relationship (long = 9 months? lol) after which they broke up. And of course they're both dating again – and they're dating other porn stars once again. (As if the pool of eligible boyfriends is only made up of fellow porn stars - lol).

Anyway, they're great friends now and what's a little sex between friends? And since they dated, who needs condoms? Apparently they can both cum twice in a session – especially when the guy is as hot as their ex.

But all this begs the question – they look 18/19. Exactly how old were they when they were dating? Or maybe they're a little older and still lucky enough to continue to look like teens.  Speaking of looking like teens – their somewhat small cocks just accentuate the whole teen look – they look like little boy cocks. If they want to stay in porn that may be an issue as they get older. If they just want to bottom it's not a big problem, but would you guys really want to watch a 35 y.o. top with a dick their size?

But it's undeniable that they're both incredibly cute. I love the fact that guys like them are creating great bareback role models for gay kids that are growing up. BUT I took a look at the other scenes Helix has put up recently and I'm sad to say there's a lot of condom scenes in the mix. But the Helix boys are so fuckin' cute… I can only hope and more and more take off their rubbers and fuck the way god intended – raw!

So while there may not be a ton of bareback stuff over at, the bareback scenes that are there are incredibly hot and worth checking out. If you love young guys, you'll love Helix.

Evan Parker enjoys getting fucked by a fellow young, smooth twink
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