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Juicy Boys Goes Bareback & Changes Name To Bromo

December 02, 2015

Four hot naked guys with hard cocksA fourgy of hot guys sucking, fucking and teabagging
Three tops work over Johnny Rapid's holes
Vadim Black smiles as he inspects willing ass

You've probably heard about Juicy Boys. There are ads for it all over the place. Well, they've been playing with bareback stuff for a few months now, and they've finally figured out bareback is better (duh!) so they're going all bareback and in the process they're changing their name to

Mount BromoI'm guessing Bromo is a combination of Bro & Homo, but not sure. I suppose they could have named it after Mount Bromo – an active volcano in Indonesia (see pic right). I mean there will be a lot of mounting and eruptions, and the boys will be pretty, much like Mount Bromo. Either way, it's nice to have another quality bareback site. Honestly I don't think there will be many condom sites left in 3-5 years. I mean who wants to fuck with condoms? And who wants to watch porn with condoms?

Anyway, this scene features Johnny Rapid who is rather infamous for a number of reasons. For starters he's now been fucked by 100 guys – and those are just the ones in porn. Unfortunately most of that fucking was with condoms, but as you can see in this scene he's now ditching the condoms, getting gangbanged, double fucked, and taking loads.

But here's the rub - apparently he's "straight" / "gay for pay". Which would be laughable for a guy who's gotten fucked by 100 guys for everyone to see, and can get double fucked by tops with huge dicks, but his heterosexuality is actually documented in court papers. He was arrested his past January for assaulting his girlfriend when she refused to have a threesome with a 14 year old girl. So it seems he's bisexual, and a rather big mess.

Anyway, the tops are boring in comparison. But IMHO, they're hotter than Johnny (who's only sorta my type). The dark guy is Vadim Black (I'd love to fuck him). The guy with hair on his chest is Dennis West, and the big beefy muscle guy is Jake Wilder. And I gotta add, Jake's dick is stunning. Big, thick, with a mushroom head. You can see it in the last pic below.

Anyway, as you can see below all the guy's cum on his ass and then Jake works it into Johnny's hole. Hopefully the next 100 guys to fuck Johnny will breed him just as thoroughly!

If you're looking for another hot jock bareback site, checkout – it seems pretty hot!

Johnny Rapid getting double fucked bareback
Johnny Rapid getting double fucked bareback by two big cocks
Johnny Rapid gets an ass full of cum

Three Hot Jocks Swap Fucks @ Sean Cody

October 15, 2015

Hot jock fuck sandwich
Three hot jock buddies having bareback sexThree guys do bareback fuck chain
Tattooed jock fucks a smooth ass barebackThree muscle jocks enjoy some afternoon delight

It's been too long since I've put up a blog post. And I left you guys with a scene that had a rather "taste specific" daddy. So I figured I'd do 180º turn and give you a hot scene from Sean Cody. It's a couple years old at this point but the guys and the action are uber hot!

The scene features Brandon – the smooth muscle guy who's a total top (at least in this scene), Duncan – the somewhat hairy guy who's got a tattoo down the middle of his chest, and Peter – the more heavily tattooed guy. Peter seems to be totally vers, whereas Duncan seems like more of a vers bottom. Needless to say, with three dicks to get fucked by and two willing holes, plus really hot guys, it's a super hot scene.

So which one is your favorite? I know he's a total top, but Brandon is most "my type". But I also really like Duncan's lean build. He'd be pretty awesome to find ass up on a bed in some bathhouse taking loads.

I think you all know that has some of the hottest guys out there, so check it out  – you'll like it!

Smooth bottom pinned down and fucked at both ends
Jock with rock hard cock legs up getting fucked bareback
Two muscle jocks fuck a smooth little bottom at both ends

Two Hot Studs Swap Bareback Fucks @ Active Duty

August 19, 2015

Two hot buddies in front of their Jeep
Smooth tattooed stud Markie More getting a blowjob
Beefy muscle guy fucking a heavily tattooed bottom

So Active Duty has been a mix of condom and bareback for a while now. But last fall it was sold and the new owners decided to only do condom scenes. Well, that didn't go over very well with the loyal base of Active Duty fans who wanted their bareback. So, despite the new owners' preference for condom, bareback scenes are back at Active Duty. And not just a few here and there – the site is now 100% bareback! Just goes to show that bareback really is addictive – even when you're watching it. I mean why would anyone want to watch a scene with a condom when they could be watching a bareback scene. Bareback is just so much hotter!

Anyway, this scene… The really lean, pale guy is Markie More, and the big, beefy darker guy is "Brad IV". (Yes, Active Duty reuses names and numbers their guys. Why they don't use last names, I don't know. It makes no sense.

Apparently Brad had never had sex with another guy before this scene. And looking at him in the video (below) I can sorta believe it. He's so hesitant, but he's horny and gets into it. I've switched things around a little bit, I show him fucking Markie and then show Markie fucking him. It actually was the other way around. He actually took dick before he gave it, which honestly is a little surprising. Markie didn't slam into his ass or anything, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Markie is usually a model for Next Door Studios (the company that bought Active Duty last fall). Actually with that acquisition one really important thing changed. Previously all the models on Active Duty had to show military IDs to get filmed. Now only some of the guys are active duty military. It's too bad they made that change… I can totally see the attraction of only having active duty military guys, though I can imagine it wasn't easy finding enough guys. Though it should be easier now that it's OK to be gay and be in the military.

If you haven't checked out recently, head over and take a look. The guys are hot, and now all the new scenes are 100% bareback!

Tattooed guy legs in the air getting fucked
Markie More with his legs in the air getting fucked by BradBeefy guy with his legs in the air taking raw cock
Lean muscular guy fucking a beefy muscle guy bareback

Hot Southern Boy Jocks Fuck @ Broke Straight Boys

August 14, 2015

Draven Caine and Drake Tyler flexing their biceps
Draven Caine laying on his back in bliss from a great blowjob
Drake Tyler in pain as he gets fucked raw

It's funny – despite all the hysteria by some straight guys about gay sex, when presented with a hard cock and a willing hole, they seem to be able to figure it out and even enjoy themselves. Such is the case with Draven Caine who loses his "gay virginity" in this scene from Broke Straight Boys.

Being straight he tops, though he does try kissing and sucking dick. I don't really expect straight guys to get fucked the first time they have sex with another guy. But honestly, kissing is kissing, and fucking a guy's ass is pretty much like fucking a girl's ass, and if he's gotten a blowjob then he should know how to give one… And my favorite – if he doesn't use a condom with the chicks he fucks, why would he use one with the dudes he fucks? It's not like he's gonna make the guy pregnant.

The bottom is Drake Tyler I think he's a straight guy who's learned to take dick. While that may sound wrong, "straight" and "gay" are about who you have committed relationships with, not who you have sex with. So Drake wants to settle down with a girl, but wants to get fucked by guys on the side. Big deal. His wife just needs to get over any jealousy. It's not like he's cheating with another woman and might wind up having to pay child support, etc.

The two of them look like total "good 'ol boys" in that first pic (and another one I didn't use). Looks like they're on some horse farm in Kentucky or something. I grew up in place like that. I know these sorts of guys pretty well. And the creosote fences… It's all really familiar… (Though I think creosote is illegal now).

If you like seeing straight guys getting broken in to gay sex, head over to – the guys are hot, and these days the sex is 100% bareback!

smooth muscle guy legs up getting fucked
Draven Tyler roars as he blows his load while getting fucked
Muscle top feeds his raw dick into a willing upturned assCum everywhere!

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Three Bottoms Take On A Room Full Of Tops @ Sketchy Sex

August 10, 2015

Guys line up to fuck two bottoms who are bent over a couchTwinky bottom bent over a couch and fucked rawTop enjoying the fuck as his dick glides in and out of a smooth ass

Well, it certainly seems like it was a bareback free-for-all over at Sketchy Sex when they filmed this scene. There's literally a line of guys waiting to fuck the one bottom, but a couple other guys get into the action and take some dicks as well.I bet you guys would love living in an apartment where there's this much sex going on. Not sure why someone hasn't set it up in real life, 'cause it's hot as hell… Have a few roommates and an open door policy for any tops (and the occasional hot bottom) who want to stop by and fuck.The main bottom's ass gets SO cummy. I bet it felt great once it was lubed with all those loads. In the pics at the bottom (below) you can see his hole was so cummy it actually turned frothy as the tops fucked his cummy hole. Their dicks were literally covered with all the loads from the tops before them.But the question is, if you were that main bottom, would you want other bottoms horning in on the action or would you want all the tops and all the loads for yourself. Personally I've found when I organized gangbangs that multiple bottom gangbangs attracted more tops. So it may be a case where when you share a little you actually get more.If you like seeing young, athletic cumdumps and breeders in action, definitely check out – you'll love it.

5 guys lined up to fuck a bottom who's bent over a couchAss gets a load of thick cumHard dick smooth jock fucking a cummy hole bareback