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The Video I Shot Of Adam Russo Fucking Jayson Park Is Now On

March 25, 2015

Bottom in Breeding Zone t-shirt sucking dick
Breeding Zone bottom getting rimmed
Hot hole getting fingeredHairy daddy fucking a bottom bareback

Last year Jayson Park contacted me. He wanted to coordinate some porn shoots and asked if he could shoot scenes at my place. The first shoot was with Randy Harden. I just lent them the guest bedroom and they did their thing for a couple hours. But for the second shoot Jayson had problems finding a cameraman, so I volunteered. The pics you see here are from that shoot. Those two scenes plus a couple others Jayson coordinated were put together on the Creamin' Daddies DVD which is now available on

For the shoot Jayson agreed to wear a Breeding Zone t-shirt so there are some great shots of him promoting the site (even though he's not a member - lol). Oh, and just for you Breeding Zone fans, he wore little biohazard earrings for the shoot – sorta saying he's a poz & proud slut!

As you can see the top was Adam Russo. He's got a great dick on him – nice, big and thick – "just the right size". The two of them had great chemistry – which isn't something I say very often, but I literally saw it up close with my own eyes.

Since those two scenes were shot at my place, those of you who've hooked up with me at my place in the past two years will probably recognize the room. ;)

One other Breeding Zone connection with Creamin' Daddies is that one of the scenes is of Breeding Zone veteran Tiger Milner getting fucked by Jayson. So what does it mean when a bottom gets fucked and bred by one of the biggest cumdumps in the industry? I mean Jayson has taken over 100 dicks, and he's the one breeding Tiger. Does that make Tiger the bigger bottom?

And then there's also a scene with Jayson getting fucked by porn veteran Jeff Grove.

So head over to and see my first attempt at filming for commercial porn. I will say HDK wasn't too happy with what we gave them. I think they thought it was too rough and amateur. But rough and amateur is genuine - and you like guys like genuine, right? Though next time I'll try to do a little better ;)

Jayson Park feels every inch of Adam Russo's cock inside him
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Adam Russo in an intense fuck of Jayson Park

How Do You Feel About Petit Fem Boys?

October 08, 2014

Skinny femboy Lay Yisoporn in the shower
Lay shows off his tight boy hole
Lay shows off his gaping boy hole

I like little guys and submissive bottoms are a big plus, but honestly fems aren't my thing. I mean I'll fuck them, but prefer them to stay quiet. I like their little bodies, but when they open their mouths it feels a bit too fem for my tastes. A good example is Lay Yisoporn from Private Boy Movie – in many ways he's a great, eager to please bottom. He's so tiny I wonder if he weighs 100 pounds.

From the looks of it, the scene was supposed to be a solo shoot, but Lay was such an eager bottom, it turned from dildo action, to letting the cameraman finger his hole, to letting the camerman fist his hole, and finally he rode the camerman's dick to jack off. But when he got off the cameraman he found out the guy had cum in his ass! So you get to see the camerman's load dripping out of Lay's loose hole. ;)

Personally, I would have flipped him on his stomach and pounded him until I unloaded deep in his ass. I don't need him looking in my eyes – he'd just be a cumdump to me.

So do you like tiny little fem boys? Or are you like me where you just want to treat them like a cumdump and be on your way? Either way, you'll find plenty more like Lay over at – click and check it out! Only problem is that not many of their videos are bareback. Personally, I think they should require the sluts to take it raw, but that's just me…

Lay stretches his hole ready for some raw cock
Lay's big uncut cock and shaved pubes
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Lay's sloppy hole dripping a load

Jayson Park Gets Fucked By A Bear @ My Place

December 09, 2013

Skinny guy and bear make out and kissEager cocksucker looks up at daddy
Sailor rims Parker Boyd
Bearded daddy rims a well fucked hole

A couple of months ago the owner of contacted me and asked if he could have his producer shoot at my place. I'm friends with him, so it was no problem. The day came and I wasn't sure who was actually going to show up. The guys started showing up and then I realized that Jayson Park was going to be one of the models. Jayson and I go pretty far back. He's actually shot three porn scenes at my place (one of which was me but I haven't released it yet). In this scene he's technically appearing as Parker Boyd, not Jayson Park – but whatever…

The other model was "Sailor" - a bearish guy who I mistook for a bottom when it was just him and me sitting around talking. Nice guy though and as you can see in the video below - a very capable top.

They did some solo shots in our living room and Jayson made out with me to get hard which was sorta nice, and then they went to the work area to fuck. I sorta left them to their own devices. From the looks of it, it wasn't a very easy shoot. They mostly fucked on a stool. They tried to fuck on the floor but managed to get fiberglass fibers all over them (they're impossible to clean up completely). But visually I think it's a cool set. I should shoot some porn up there - though not sure I can cum in such a weir position - in that respect Sailor did a much better job than I could have.

Like hairy mature men? Then check out Hairy & Raw - they're all about real men and bears – you'll like it ;)

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Bottom with hairy belly and a small dick getting fucked by a daddy with a big bellyBald bearded daddy fucking a sinny bottom
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Hot Hairy Jock Gets Impaled By His Smooth Buddy @ Chaos Men

February 05, 2013

Hot hairy jock lays back to get his cock sucked by a bud
Two cute young jocks shirtless in their underwearSkinny jock gets his dick sucked by his beefy friend
hairy jock blows his ripped friend

The bottom in this scene from Chaos Men (Solomon) is one fucked up puppy. He likes to be abused when he's having sex. The producer said he likes "angry sex" and that he likes it to hurt. Not that I'm the most abusive top, but I love bottoms who like it rough and like to feel abused.

The scene starts with Solomon being told to suck Heath's dick. The producer said Solomon probably would have gotten into it more if Heath had slapped him around and forced him to suck dick, but Heath wasn't that good of a match for Solomon - he didn't really take control the way Solomon needed him to. So as a result they resorted to flavored lube to get Solomon to tolerate sucking dick. He did finally sort of get into it, but that part could have been hotter if Heath was more dominant.

When it came to fucking Solomon likes fucking to hurt and Heath's little baby strokes didn't exactly do it for him, so in the clip below you see Solomon starts spanking himself - probably to get it to hurt more. Again - looks like Heath was just the wrong top for Solomon.

The one thing Heath did do well was cream Solomon's hole. At least the bitch boy bottom got the load... ;)

For more hot bareback jocks, check out A lot of the guys they use are 'straight'. I'm guessing that's the issue with Solomon - he's a straight boy who's ashamed that he likes being used by other men. It's fucked up, but it's hot nonetheless.

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Bad Boy Screws His Asian Friend Bareback @ Bareback Vids

September 17, 2012

Lotto licks Ben's wet cock
Lotto licks the head of Ben's uncut cock
Ben ready to raw fuck Lotto's smooth as

I think Ben Huller will fuck just about anything - as long as the guy can't legally drink yet. In this scene on Bareback Vids Ben is fucking an femmy Asian emo twink named "Lotto".

To me the light patch of skin in the kid's butt cheeks is pretty distracting. I know stuff like that is genetic and not communicable, but it would sorta be a boner-killer for me. But apparently it's no problem for Ben - his dick is plenty hard. I think Ben just gets off on all acne on the  kid's face... I mean you only see acne on guys who are pretty young (for porn) - and we know Ben Huller likes 'em young.

If you go looking for the scene on Bareback Vids, realize they were calling Ben Huller "Tommy". I pointed it out and they said they corrected it, but they may not have caught all the instances of the wrong name.

While Ben's got himself a new site now, there are a bunch of good vids featuring Ben Huller on - check it out! Plus, unlike Ben's site you get access to a shitload of other porn. :)

Ben slams his bare cock into Lotto's smooth hole
Ben's fat dick pounding Lotto's hole bareback
Bad boy screws his friend without a condom

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