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While it's hot to watch clean cut guys fuck raw, what's even hotter is watching real sex pigs in action. And there's nothing piggier than being bent over at a glory hole letting guys you can't even see fuck you raw and cum in your ass. That's exactly what Drew Sumrok is doing in this scene from Raw Fuck Club.

The scene opens with Drew on his knees at a bathhouse glory hole sucking dick, but he wants more - he wants all those big hard cocks up his ass. Soon enough he's bent over taking anonymous cocks up his hole. But the tops want more intensity than they get through a gloryhole so they join Drew on his side of the wall and the scene turns into a little gangbang with all three tops fucking him.

The tops are hot, big dicked raunchy fuckers you all know - Champ Robinson, Jessy Karson and Austin Dallas. I mean with fuckers like that it's pretty much a perfect scene. Whether you're a top or a bottom this is one scene you wish you were in the middle of.

You know, I wish I had enough money to start a good, raunchy sex club here in NYC. The sex scene here is a bit underwhelming. I mean we should have some awesome sex clubs. Problem is the city has been ruled by Republican mayors for 20 years now. They've redefined what's acceptable. I can't see the new Democratic mayor changing that a lot - but who knows - maybe things will loosen up a little.

I'd love to run a sex club 'cause I want to create places where guys can bend over and take anonymous loads. I mean as more poz guys do well on their ARVs and neg guys get on PrEP now is really the time to step up the sex scene. I mean nothing compares to walking out of a sex club with a half dozen loads in your ass and not knowing any of the names of the guys ;)

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