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Twink Gets Fucked Raw At A Sex Bar @ Boy Banged

October 30, 2015

Slutty twink sucking on daddy dick at the barSlutty twink gets dominated by a top at a bar
Top grabs a twink's head and pulls it back
Twink gets fucked raw while sitting on a bar stoolTwink bends over and gets fucked by a smooth lean top

I wish NYC weren't so uptight about sex in bars. Some cities have full on sex bars where you can go, strip down, have a drink, and suck and fuck as much as you want. This scene on captures a bit of that scene.

One of my friends warned me to not promote this site. That I might not get paid. So honestly I can't recommend that you join the site, but at the same time the scene captured my imagination. I mean the fixed stools at the bar are a perfect height so a top can come up and slide into a bottom's hole. You can't do that with the big bar stools here in NYC…

And I love how young and impressionable the twink ("Daryl") seems. I'm guessing he's like a freshman in college – just getting his bearing on what it means to be out on his own and gay. And then some older (but thankfully not ugly) man ("Ali") takes advantage of his innocence and defiles him when Daryl checks out one of his local gay bars. If only we could see what comes next as guy after guy uses Daryl's hole for their own pleasure. That's the way to teach twinks the ways of the world!

If you like the general premise of older guys fucking young, impressionable twinks – then check out Boy Banged – that's sorta the primary theme of the site. And apparently it's all bareback. HOWEVER, I can't vouch for the site. As I mentioned a friend warned me about the owner of the site, and I can't say how many videos are on the site or how often it updates. Still, I gotta say I like the raunchiness of the videos…

Smooth top Ali fucking a twink at a bar
Twink bends over and gets fucked by a smooth lean topTwink with his face covered in cum

The Video I Shot Of Adam Russo Fucking Jayson Park Is Now On

March 25, 2015

Bottom in Breeding Zone t-shirt sucking dick
Breeding Zone bottom getting rimmed
Hot hole getting fingeredHairy daddy fucking a bottom bareback

Last year Jayson Park contacted me. He wanted to coordinate some porn shoots and asked if he could shoot scenes at my place. The first shoot was with Randy Harden. I just lent them the guest bedroom and they did their thing for a couple hours. But for the second shoot Jayson had problems finding a cameraman, so I volunteered. The pics you see here are from that shoot. Those two scenes plus a couple others Jayson coordinated were put together on the Creamin' Daddies DVD which is now available on

For the shoot Jayson agreed to wear a Breeding Zone t-shirt so there are some great shots of him promoting the site (even though he's not a member - lol). Oh, and just for you Breeding Zone fans, he wore little biohazard earrings for the shoot – sorta saying he's a poz & proud slut!

As you can see the top was Adam Russo. He's got a great dick on him – nice, big and thick – "just the right size". The two of them had great chemistry – which isn't something I say very often, but I literally saw it up close with my own eyes.

Since those two scenes were shot at my place, those of you who've hooked up with me at my place in the past two years will probably recognize the room. ;)

One other Breeding Zone connection with Creamin' Daddies is that one of the scenes is of Breeding Zone veteran Tiger Milner getting fucked by Jayson. So what does it mean when a bottom gets fucked and bred by one of the biggest cumdumps in the industry? I mean Jayson has taken over 100 dicks, and he's the one breeding Tiger. Does that make Tiger the bigger bottom?

And then there's also a scene with Jayson getting fucked by porn veteran Jeff Grove.

So head over to and see my first attempt at filming for commercial porn. I will say HDK wasn't too happy with what we gave them. I think they thought it was too rough and amateur. But rough and amateur is genuine - and you like guys like genuine, right? Though next time I'll try to do a little better ;)

Jayson Park feels every inch of Adam Russo's cock inside him
Nice thick dick fucking bareback
Adam Russo in an intense fuck of Jayson Park

Muscle Pig Takes Massive Cock @ Tim Tales

March 22, 2015

Masked top gets a blowjob from a scruffy bottomMiddle Eastern guy worshiping a huge thick dick
Alejandro Dumas giving up his hole to a big dicked top to fuck raw
Middle Eastern guy getting fucked by a big dickMuscular hairy ass getting fucked by a big dick

It's not just black guys who have huge dicks. The Latino (?) top (named Jaguar) has a huge piece of meat on him as well. The scene is from Tim Tales and the bottom is Alejandro Dumas and he takes that huge monster up his hole with ease and loves every minute of it!

At first I couldn't quite figure out Alejandro's ethnicity. He looks like he could be Middle Eastern. He's picked a porn surname, Dumas, that's Southern French. And Alejandro sounds like it's Spanish. Good thing they cleared it up by saying he's from Cuba. I guess when you're in a country that's lacking many of the conveniences of modern life it gives you time to do the simpler things – like fuck. As they say – practice makes a perfect cumdump… ;)

You never see the top's face, but chances are even if he didn't have a mask on, it's not his face you'd be looking at because you wouldn't be able to get your eyes off his huge uncut Latin monster cock!

Needless to say this duo is one that you'd definitely want to watch the full length video of… So head over to and see these guys and tons of ohter hot guys who love to bareback

Guy guys a big dick up a hairy ass bareback
Big thick dick about to fuck a hairy holeBig cummy uncut dick poking at a hairy ass
Scruffy Alejandro Dumas worships the huge cock that just painted his beard with cum

UK Naked Men Has Gone Bareback, But…

March 04, 2015

Guys having fuck with oral sexScruffy stud sucks on a very wet and hard cock
Bearded Max Toro sucking a big uncut cock
Craig Daniel giving head to a thick uncut cockMax Toro loves taking raw dick up his ass

Last year UK Naked Men's sister site Butch Dixon went bareback. That was probably a bit of an experiment before the owners took UKNM, their flagship site, bareback, but it seems to pretty much be done now. Like Butch Dixon, there will probably be the odd condom scene, but for the most part it seems it's been nearly all bareback for a few months now. This scene featuring Spanish stud Max Toro (aka Max Torres) and slutty Craig Daniels is from December.

BUT, the "quality" of the guys has changed with the change to bareback. UKNM was a borderline muscle site before the change. The guys were very "pretty" – sort of Sean Cody quality only 10 years older. I'm not saying the guys who are now doing bareback for them are unattractive. Quite the opposite – they're hot, but they're a different type of hot… They're the hot guy you see at the sex club. Whereas the guys before you could never imagine going to a sex club.

The same change has happened over at Cocksure Men. They're back to doing bareback, but the guys just aren't as "pretty". They're more "average" (for lack of a better word). When Cocksure Men did a period of bareback a few years back it was the same guys just with no condoms. But this time around the guys just aren't the same.

While I'm fine with whatever, Treasure Island sorta has the "average/hot bareback slut" niche covered pretty well. I don't think it's a good sign when sites change their brand when they go bareback. They should maintain the same "quality" of models they've always had – and just skip the condoms. Agree?

Anyway – this scene… I'm in love with Max Toro. A masculine Latino with dark features and a nice thick uncut dick who loves to get fucked – I couldn't ask for more! Craig Daniel is the one who seems to be playing against type. Just looking at him I'd peg him as a bottom, but he does a great job as a top – though he does flip and take dick. Either one of the guys would be a lot of fun to have sex with…

Head over to and take a look at tell me what you think of the guys. Do you agree that the type of guy has changed? Is it a good change or is something lost in the change?

Scruffy stud gets fucked bareback
Max Toro rimming a rock hard bottom
Craig Daniel bent over taking raw dick up his cummy ass

There's Nothing Quite Like Big Black Cock – BlackBreeders

February 26, 2015

Two guys compete to suck a huge black cock
BIG thick dick pokes at a black ass
Big blac cock being ridden by black bitch bottomMarc Dupree's puckered, well-fucked hole
Huge big black cock fucks a smooth black ass bareback

I know a lot of you bottoms just love BBC. And I'm not talking about THE BBC, but rather Big Black Cock. You'll do just about anything to get it in your ass – as often as possible ;) So needless to say you're gonna like this scene from since the top, who's aptly named 'Big Beef', has a HUGE black dick.

The lucky bottoms are Marc Dupree and 'Redz' (the bottom with the shaved head). You can just tell by the expressions on their faces that they're in heaven. That is, once their asses adjust to being impaled by that monster.

So what would you do to get a dick like Big Beef's up your hole? While you're pondering that question, head over to Black Breeders and get a better look at what you're missing. I think it'll motivate you to get out there and find yourself some big black cock of your own!

Huge black cock penetrates a smooth ass bareback
Big Beefy fucks a black ass with his big meatBareback threeway with black guys and a huge dick
Big Beefy dominates bottom boy Redz
Redz cleans up Big Beef's monster cock after he blows his load