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Young Guys Are Hungry For Cum @ Dudes Raw

April 01, 2015

Two young gay guys who bareback
Evan forces Ashton down on his dickAshton Cooper works the head of Evan Stevens dick
Even pounds Ashton's hole bareback on the couchAshton slides down on Even's bare dick

A lot of the porn you watch has older guys and "hot" guys who could be models and you start thinking those are the only types of guys who bareback. Or you get the idea that all young guys are twinks. But that's not the case at all. Real teens have acne. Real teens do stuff that's rebellious and sometimes awkward looking. It's those sorts of guys that Dudes Raw features in this scene. And it just goes to remind you that that somewhat awkward teen next door probably also wants to fuck bareback and give and take loads. Barebacking really is a universal impulse.

The teens in this scene are Ashton Cooper - the young bottom who's struggling with acne, and Evan Stevens – the dark skinned (Latino?) punk with the pierced lips. ("Angel bites", to be precise). Ashton does a great job of servicing Evan's cock. He really gets into sucking Evan's cock and then gives up his hole like a champ.

But the best part of the video has to be the cumshot  with Evan blowing a huge thick load all over Ashton's eager hole. But Evan is hungry for cum himself and starts felching his load from Ashton's ass. Then Evan manages to blow a second load right into Ashton's hungry mouth. That's one lucky bottom – he got both an oral load and an anal load, and one talented top!

So next time you see some awkward teen – flirt with him. You might just wind up having fun! In the meantime, head over to and check out all the "regular guys" they've got barebacking. Real sex with real guys is HOT  'cause it's the genuine thing…

Ashton;s tight pink hole fucked rawEven pounding Ashton's young ass
Even's raw dick fucking Ashton's tight hole
Even's thick load driping out of Ashton's well fucked assEven licks his load from Ashton's hole

Introducing A Pig To Felching @

May 29, 2010

Bareback bottom ready to take another load at a porn shootUncut dick entering freshly seeded ass
Wet hard dick pumping another load in a raw bottomJames waits for another load to be pumped into a willing ass
Tight ass getting another load of seed pumped inWelll fucked hoel licked clean by James
James Roscoe eating a load out of a freshly fucked assJames Roscoe laps a load of cum off his fingers

One thing I NEVER get enough of is felching. I REALLY wish more bottoms would show up with loads already in them so when I rim them I get a load of cum. I still remember the first time I felched a cummy hole. I was at the sex club where GCN used to film (forget the name). There was this smooth, thin, innocent-looking, young Asian kid (totally my type) who I was rimming. It was back in the era when I was telling my bf I'd try and rubber up. My bf was at the sex club with me so I didn't feel like I could bareback an get away with it. Anyway, I'm eating out this Asian kid - he had the most incredible ass. Then he pushes a few loads of cum out of his hole right into my mouth as I'm rimming him. I was floored. The idea of getting a load out of a guy's ass never even occurred to me and it was so fucking hot. I so wanted to slide my raw dick up that cummy hole, but didn't want to get caught by my boyfriend and the kid wouldn't let me fuck him with a condom. But ever since then I've been up for felching (and fucking cummy holes).

That's a really long introduction to his scene from Treasure Island's They didn't give me the full background on the video but I know the guy with the short blond hair and sruffy beard is James Roscoe. Given the title of the scene, presumably this is his first time felching and I'm guessing he's going to get as addicted to it as I did. It really is pretty sweet sucking cum out of a guy's ass...

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2 Newbies Take Pointers From A Pro @

March 31, 2010

Cole, Sage and Aiden fool arround on the bed in their underwear
Cole Roy and Aiden Holt work Sage Daniels' cock
Sage Daniels eats Cole Roy's ass while he sucks Aiden Holt's cockSage and Cole suck Aidens thick cock
Sage takes turns licking eager fuck holes
Sage takes Cole's raw cock in his hungry hole

A big part of barebacking is spreading our seed - 'converting' other guys into good sex pigs. Along those lines is this video from Bareback That Hole where tried and true bareback sex pig Sage Daniels shows two newbies the ropes when it comes to bareback porn. And really, if you want to fly your sexual freak flag, doing it publicly on video is a great way to tell the world you're not the clean cut guy all your co-workers think you are...

And if you're going to be initiated into the brotherhood of bareback porn, who better to do it than with proud versatile slut who seems to fuck and get fucked by just about everyone. And Sage is hot too! I think he's got perfect body, and his tats make him even hotter. Hell, who wouldn't want to swap DNA with someone like that? Maybe he'll infect you with some of his sexiness... ;)

I could do a blow-by-blow account of what goes on in the video, but just trust me that it's filled with good piggy sex. See the full video at

Sage breeds Aiden's hole while Cole gets ready to tongue his ass
Sage Daniels ready for raw dick in his ass while eating Aiden's hole
Cummy hole fucked by hard raw dick
Pigs lap cum from fresh fucked ass

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Piggy Felching Threeway @

December 21, 2009

Jake Wetmore getting his cock serviced by Doug Scott
Chuck Rockwood working two hard dicks
Jake, Chuck and Doug suck cock and eat ass
Furry young cub sucking cock while getting his ass played with
Three pigs eat loads out of each others ass

Can you say, "SOOOOOOOOOO-EY!"? Snort. Grunt. Squeal. The promo pics alone were enough to get me boned for this movie from Felch That Hole. Jake Wetmore, Chuck Rockwood and Doug Scott are the 3 little pigs incarnate. And they've strayed monstrously off course. Or not. These guys don't just suck and fuck. They rut… like pigs.

I lost track of who was doing what to whom. I only know that Doug breeds Chuck's hairy hole, then has the cum fucked outta him by Jake, who feeds some of it to Doug. Awesome cum shot of one of them spewing all over Doug's tanned mancunt and Jake lapping it up. Reminded me of the protein shake I made a few weeks back. Lid wasn't on tight and the gloppy mess flew everywhere! Different kind of protein but… you get the jizz.

Be sure to check out Jake, Chuck and Doug at A guaranteed ball buster for those of you who like your men like you like your pig. Skewered and basted!

Tattooed cock breeding smooth tanned ass
Jake eager to bareback furry young holeJake Wetmore eats his fresh load from Dougs well fucked ass
Inked top stud felching and playing with  eager holes

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Cum From The Ass Just Tastes Good - Felch That Hole

November 01, 2009

Fred Mayer gets his hard cock sucked by Igor Lucas
Smooth ass Igor sucking Fred's cockFred and Igor show off their tight assholes ready for fucking
Thick uncut cock about to fuck raw hole
Thick raw cock pounding tight wet hole

Usually, rimming is foreplay. For most guys. It's a good prelude to a great bareback session. Especially if you're the kind that likes to fuck a spit or pre-cum lubed hole and feel a bit the burn as your raw dick tears into that willing bottom. With Fred Mayer and Igor Lucas, in this very fucking hot scene from Felch That Hole, the rim job is the main course, appetizer and dessert!

You can bank on a hot scene with cum hungry cocksucker Fred Mayer or bearded Igor Lucas. The two of them together explode. Literally. Igor's slick, uncut dick got me boned while fucking the hell out of Mayer's cumhole. I practically shot my wad when I saw it spasming and drooling with Igor's DNA.

If you're into piggy sex, you must check out this hot, raunchy barebacking duo at Practically guaranteed to make your balls churn.

Hard raw cock about to fuck tight hole
cum dripping out of Igors hot used hole
Igor eats his load out of the freshly fucked ass of Fred mayer
Fred and Igor eat cum loads out of each others asses
Fred Mayer and Igor Lucas eat cum from each others hole

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