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Another Site Goes Bareback – Bulldog Pit

November 14, 2015

Pale white guy laying back enjoying a blowjob
Hairy little muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez sitting on a big raw cockHairy, tattooed muscle cub bottom getting fucked bareback
Tattooed, hairy muscle bottom shares an intimate bareback fuck with a top

Bulldog Pit has always been one of those sites that I wish would go bareback. Ever since day 1 they've had a somewhat edgy vibe to them. Their vibe used to be very "street". And the guys would get pretty raunchy – they had some hot fisting scenes, etc. BUT they always wore rubbers. Well, now they're ditching the rubbers and going raw, but I'm not sure the guys are as edgy as they used to be. I mean they're still hot, but it just feels a little more "average" than it used to.

Take this scene for example… The top, Craig Daniel, has a wonderful cock – it's nice, big and thick. But other than that he's just the guy next door type. Completely unremarkable. He does have a scruffy/sleazy vibe to him though. I think his edginess would be more enhanced if he weren't filming in a mostly white overlit room. If the setting were a dark sleazy sex club somewhere I think it would be a lot hotter.

Then there's the bottom – Sergi Rodriguez. He just comes across as a hungry cumhole who can't get enough dick and cum. I love his muscle cub vibe. Although once I noticed that he shaves his arm that has the full sleeve tattoo it started bugging me. I mean he's hairy, and then he's got this one arm that is shaved. Yeah, the tattoo is really great, but I'm not sure what to think of the fact that he shaves his arm. Anyway, that's all just a distraction – he's a hot little muscle bottom who looks like a great fuck.

So head over to and check it out. All the new scenes will be bareback, and they've got a big library of stuff that's actually pretty hot if you can stand looking at condoms. I just hope they get back into their groove and shoot stuff that's a bit edgier than what you see here.

Hungry muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez getting fucked barebackWhite top empties his load into a muscle bottom's ass
Top cums in a bottom's ass as the bottom blows his load on his hairy chest

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Piggy Threeway @ Deviant Otter

October 22, 2015

Devin Totter buries his face in Eli Hunter's ass while Eli sucks Leon Fox
A pile of ass and dick hungry guys
Leon Fox gets spit roasted by Devin Totter and Eli Hunter

Eli Hunter has "You Only Live Once" tattooed across his chest. And for the past five years he's been making the most of that statement by getting his ass bred by all sorts guys on a whole bunch of different web sites – one of the latest of which is

We first saw Eli Hunter taking raw dick back in 2010 or so on sites like Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men. Then he moved on to Chaos Men where he was one of their regulars. Back then he had a full head of hair and looked a lot different than he does now. If it weren't for his tattoos you might not recognize him as the same person (at least not very quickly). Then he started giving himself a buzz cut and got a lot leaner and more "hard jock" looking. Now he seems to take it a bit easier. He's a bit heavier, but still pretty muscular. He's making the rounds of sites like Sketchy Sex and Guys In Sweatpants – pretty much letting anyone and everyone fuck him and breed his ass. After all, "You Only Live Once", right? So you need to get as much dick and cum up your ass as possible. There's no point in holding back or doing it tomorrow. You only go around once…

In the scene with Eli are Devin Totter (with the camo baseball cap – the main guy behind Deviant Otter), and Leon Fox. Both Devin and Leon on vers, but Eli is all bottom. So everyone gets fucked by the two tops and Devin and Leon fuck each other and Eli. You can just tell by how they pile on top of each other and devour cocks and asses that they're all good pigs. And good pigs = good porn!

So take Eli's tattoo to heart… You really do only live once. You need to make the most of it. Get off the friggin' couch and go fuck, or get fucked. Just be a cumdump or stud, but here.

Devin Totter ass up getting fucked by Leon Fox
Eli Hunter on all fours getting fucked by Devin Totter

Even Pigs Like Deviant Otter Enjoy Sensual Sex

March 05, 2015

Tattooed guy massages a naked guy's ass
Masseur spreads a guy's ass to show his hole
Bearded tattooed thin guy gets his ass rimmed
Tattooed guy gets his face pissed onTattooed guy pisses on himself

If you think sex is either sensual & romantic OR sleazy, then this scene from will prove you wrong. It features, as always, Devin Totter (get it?) paired with heavily tattooed Michael Phoenixxx.

They'd been having sex all weekend with other guys (which, unfortunately, you can tell by the lackluster cumshots at the end), but finally they had some time to themselves, so they turned the camera on and went at it. But it wasn't a jump-right-into-sex sorta scene. Instead Michael gave Devin a nice, slow massage, which (as you might expect) started getting frisky when Michael started playing with Devin's hole, and then Devin started jacking on Michael's nice-sized dick. Next thing you know they were 69ing each other…

But it's not like they gave up being kinky just because they were being sensual. They went into the bathroom where Devin pissed all over Michael, and then Michael pissed all over himself. Then when they were fucking Devin at one point started choking Michael, and then later Michael grabbed a dirty sock and held it to his nose. And Devin wasn't exactly gentle with Michael. There are parts where Devin has, shall we say, a wonderfully excruciating feeling ;)

So next time you're hooking up with one of your fuck buddies, try slowing it down a little and bringing some sensuality into your sex. After all, a lot of vanilla guys like bareback specifically because it's more intimate – there's a greater connection to the the guy you're having sex with. That connection can be a lot more than just getting his cum in your ass!

If you like young, hairy, kinky guys, head over to Deviant Otter and check it out – you'll like it!

Top whispers in bottom's ear as he rough fucks him
Top chokes bottom as he fucks him
Otter fucks a guy with a semi-hard cock
Guys kiss as they fuck

Hot Daddy Lito Cruz Breeds A Sub Bottom @ TimTales

May 28, 2014

Cute Italian jock about to swallow a super XXL cock of hairy stud Lito Cruz
Lito Cruz is in lust with Alessandro as he plows him raw
Super hung daddy fucks a bearded boy

Those who know “The Man” Lito Cruz will be real happy for getting a new bareback video with him from Tim Tales. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching him in a bareback video before, well, you’re in for something good! The first thing you’ll notice about Lito is his massive monster cock, and this time he’s paired with the young Italian Alessandro, who’s up to the challenge of taking Lito’s thick cock up his tight Italian asshole.

Right at the start of the scene and as Alessandro starts sucking hungrily on Lito’s cock we get to see his mesmerizing blue eyes and how handsome he really is. Seriosuly, imagine those blue eyes looking up to you as he sucks your cock, pretty fucking hot, right? All the time while sucking Lito’s cock you can tell how eager he is to get that thick cock up his ass, and Lito’s more than happy to oblige penetrating him slowly and giving him time to accommodate his monster cock in his lover’s tight hole. After a couple slow thrusts Alessandro’s ass is stretched enough to fit Lito’s cock. Once he notices this, Lito is happy to ram his cock harder and faster into his Italian slut until his ass is left gaping wide! They fuck in several positions, stretching Alessandro’s ass wider with each thrust until he’s moaning and panting with pleasure, moving his hips in tandem with Lito’s and it doesn’t take him long to milk Lito’s cock dry! A stretched ass full of cum and a smile on both their faces mark a great finale for a great scene!

After watching this scene I don’t doubt I won’t be the only one wanting to watch more of Alessandro soon, hopefully getting fucked by Lito again, or another big dicked top. Watching these two fuck is just too fucking hot, they really nailed the Older/Younger theme of this video. Watch the entire scene at and check out all their fantastic bareback videos!

Super cock of Lito Cruz gives Alessandro's ass a monster gape
Inked bearded bottom takes a huge Latino cock
Lito seeds a hole with his huge dick

Adam Russo Takes A HUGE Black Raw Cock

January 17, 2014

White slave bent over for black masterHuge black cock gets a blowjob
Hot hairy bottom Adam Russo takes a huge black dick bareback
Huge black dick fucking a hairy white hole bareback

Imagine your a cumdump slave who lives in an underground dungeon and your life consists of keeping your master happy. Well, that's pretty much the scenario in this week's scene at Dark Alley's Darkroom site. The lucky slave is Adam Russo and the rather incredible master is none other than Chase Coxxx.

I can't even begin to guess how big Chase's big black cock is - but it's truly in the "monster dick" category. Maybe 12"? All I can say is Adam is one lucky bottom. And one talented bottom to be able to take such a huge monster cock.

If you love big dicks and hairy holes - then you'll love this scene. Go see the full scene over at – it's pretty incredible! It'll make you wish you literally lived to serve big huge dick.

Hairy white pig takes a creamy load from a big black cock
Adam Russo jacks off after taking a load from a black top


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