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Load Collecting Cumdumps & Treasure Island…

November 06, 2015

Guys look on as BJ Slater fucks a gangbang bottom
5 guy orgy with guys sucking and fucking
Bottom about to take a huge cock bareback

Thank god for  Treasure Island… They have done more than any other company to really popularize the role of cumdump bottom. They showed it before it was popular when people thought it was a death sentence, and then showed that even hot guys (e.g. Dawson) are proud cumdumps. I know tons of bottoms who are cumdumps today because they saw cumdumps in action in Treasure Island's videos.

So it's only fitting that this scene from has a bottom (Jackson) taking loads from 3 tops. There's sexy black stud Kamrun (the black guy), BJ Slater (in the dark tank top), and Chad Brock.

Those three are an interesting range of guys. Kamrun is a total black stud. I don't think any bottom would say no to taking a load from his perfect black cock.

Then there's Chad who's just a slut. He actually jumps in and bottoms for a bit – though he does it in a friendly way where his dick is up Jackson while BJ is fucking his hole. So he didn't deny Jackson dick, and Jackson still got BJ's load. But taking a load from Chad means taking a load from all the guys who've fucked him over the years. It's sorta hot and sleazy.

But maxing out the sleazy scale IMHO is BJ Slater who, honestly, looks "rather poz". Yeah, he's probably undetectable and shooting blanks, but he just looks really toxic. There's something really hot about the visual of that. I mean I assume Jackson is poz, but he could pass for "clean" / neg. And there he is with a big 'ol AIDS daddy cock up his ass. THAT is what being a cumdump is all about. No condoms. No questions. No pulling out. No load refused – no matter how toxic you think it might be.

One of my buddies on Twitter (and in real life) recently tweeted that he's gotten into taking loads from guys who he's not into. The uglier/sleazier/nastier the top, the hotter the sex – at least for cumdumps.

And you may be wondering who the 5th guy is in the scene – the one in the lighter blue tank top. That's "Spunk". I assume he got his name from the saying "you are what you eat". He's the resident ATM machine (ass-to-mouth), and felcher. Thanks to service-oriented bottoms like him every dick and asshole is nice neat and clean when everything is done. I don't quite understand guys like him who love to be around scenes like this without being the bottom or one of the tops, but to each his own, right? And I gotta say, he's sorta cute!

So head over to, and support our community by buying a membership. I'm not sure what comes next in hot gay sex, but I'm sure TIM will be there pushing the envelope…

Jackson getting gangbanged by a group of tops
Hairy hole getting barebacked while he fucks another bottom
Wet dick pulling out of a cummy hole

Homo Thugs On the Down Low Fuck Raw @ Traphouse Boys

October 20, 2015

Two black, naked basketball playersBlack guy comes on to a thug on the DL
Black dude rimming a smooth black ass
Two big black cocksBlack thug fucking a black bottom bareback

Black guys on "the DL" (the Down Low) are always interesting to hookup with. They're very compartmentalized. They want gay sex. Hell, they need gay sex. But they're ashamed to admit it. They're probably fucking girls on the side to reinforce their self-worth. When I look at these pics from that's what I see in their eyes.

For starters there's "Dee Light" – the guy with the shaved head and goatee. Of course, his name reminds me of Deee-Lite, the group that did "Groove Is In The Heart" back in the day, but I doubt he's old enough to remember them. Maybe his parents conceived him while Groove Is In The Heart was playing in the background (though Deee-Lite was more of a white/Hispanic thing, and not really sex music).

Anyway, looking at Dee Light I totally see some guy on the DL. Hell, even his initials are DL ;) In the pics you see he likes having his ass rimmed, and when the other guy (Zoe) needs to cum he turns into a total cocksucker – even offers his ass to Zoe and Zoe comes all over his hole. You can tell he's hungry to take loads, but that's about as far as he'll let it go – he won't actually get fucked. He wants to bottom and be more vers, but his DL shtick won't let him "be the bitch", he's gotta "be a man". In his world you can "be a man" and still fuck a guy, you just can't take dick.

Then there's Zoe. He's moved past all that and just loves gay sex. He probably comes out of the same repressed milieux, but he's learned to just get over it and have fun. He loves rimming ass. He's probably a great top, if the guy lets him, and clearly he's an awesome bottom. I mean I'd totally fuck him. I love lean, muscley, black boy bottoms. They're great to hookup with. So hungry for dick and cum.

But remember, the whole DL thing is the reason why African American women have really high rates of HIV. In their culture it's not OK to be gay, so their boyfriends and husbands represses it, and don't talk about it. They don't get tested and bring it home to their women. That's not good for anyone. Yeah, it's hot to fuck them and cum in their ass, but they really should be true to themselves. Honesty really is the best policy. If you're a pig, just be a pig. It's better and healthier for you and the people around you.

But hey, it's a process, and they won't get to the end of their process unless guys are willing to fuck them and cum in their asses. It's only then that they can understand the piggy hunger they have deep inside. So head over to Traphouse Boys and support the guys on the DL. Then find a real one to fuck and breed!

Muscled black dude fucks his slim homie
Black ass and a cummy cock

I Have A Younger Black Sexual Doppelgänger @

June 23, 2015

Two black thugs
Black top lays back and lets a cocksucker work his dick
Mr Cali enjoys a blowjob from Maurio LongBlack top spitting on a hot black ass before fucking it.

So there's a new black bareback site that launched recently and it looks like it's pretty good – I sent them some t-shirts to use in their shoots and I gotta say they put the rawTOP t-shirt on exactly the right top…

The top is Mr Cali and if you watch the video you'll see, despite being a younger black thug, he's very much like me when it comes to sex. First off, blowjobs don't really seem to do much for him. He doesn't get instantly hard and stay rock hard while he's getting sucked. Second, he really LOVES to eat ass. I don't mean a polite rimming – he really gets into it – which is totally like me. And he fucks a lot like me as well. He just shoves it in and doesn't really care about the comfort of the bottom. In his case the bottom had his face smashed up against a wall. Mr Cali didn't really care whether that was comfortable or not – his needs were all that were important to him in the moment. The bottom was just a hole to fuck. And he likes breeding thin black cumdumps. So a lot more like me than you'd expect…

The bottom is Maurio Long. You can just tell he's a really great service-oriented bottom. In that way he totally lives up to the Breeding Zone t-shirt they put on him. I mean I'd totally love to fuck him – I love small skinny sub bottoms.

If you're wondering what a Traphouse is, it's a crack house. Which is sorta funny since I live in a building that used to be a crack house. So I've got that in common with the scene as well. Though that couch isn't crappy enough to be in a traphouse. Needless to say, with a name like Traphouse Boys, they're gonna keep it rough and thuggy.

This scene isn't up on on the site yet, but it should be soon. So, if you like your porn stars thuggy, definitely head over and check out Traphouse Boys. I think you'll really like it.

Mr Cali tongue fucking a black assThuggy top licking a willing ass
Maurio Long bent over taking raw dick
Top with big black cock overpowers a bareback bitch bottom

White Boys Were Made For Massive Black Cocks @ Staxus

March 28, 2015

Skinny white boy cocksucker going down on a big thick black dick
Lanky white jock boy split in two by a massive black cockBlack monster cock fucking an uncut white boy bareback

European white guys LOVE big black dick – possibly even more than American guys. Their black studs tend to be African, rather than African-American, but the purity of their black blood just means even bigger dicks. Case and point is this scene from Staxus where white boy bottom Mike James takes on a monster black cock belonging to Fabian Baptiste.

I mean look at the pics above. Can you imagine sucking on that monster or having that thing split you in two? You'd swear a skinny white jock like Mike could never take it, but take it he does. I mean Mike looks like such an innocent mama's boy. Can you imagine his mother seeing this video? She'd know her little boy is all grown up!

If you like seeing innocent little white boys get fucked and bred by black studs, head over to where they've got plenty of hot interracial videos… It's one of the most prolific bareback twink studios anywhere – and good quality stuff too!

White boy Mike James rides a big black cockLean white bottom Mike James impales himself on Fabian Baptiste's big dick
Black stud fucks a lanky white jock

There's Nothing Quite Like Big Black Cock – BlackBreeders

February 26, 2015

Two guys compete to suck a huge black cock
BIG thick dick pokes at a black ass
Big blac cock being ridden by black bitch bottomMarc Dupree's puckered, well-fucked hole
Huge big black cock fucks a smooth black ass bareback

I know a lot of you bottoms just love BBC. And I'm not talking about THE BBC, but rather Big Black Cock. You'll do just about anything to get it in your ass – as often as possible ;) So needless to say you're gonna like this scene from since the top, who's aptly named 'Big Beef', has a HUGE black dick.

The lucky bottoms are Marc Dupree and 'Redz' (the bottom with the shaved head). You can just tell by the expressions on their faces that they're in heaven. That is, once their asses adjust to being impaled by that monster.

So what would you do to get a dick like Big Beef's up your hole? While you're pondering that question, head over to Black Breeders and get a better look at what you're missing. I think it'll motivate you to get out there and find yourself some big black cock of your own!

Huge black cock penetrates a smooth ass bareback
Big Beefy fucks a black ass with his big meatBareback threeway with black guys and a huge dick
Big Beefy dominates bottom boy Redz
Redz cleans up Big Beef's monster cock after he blows his load