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Ray Dalton Is One Lucky Pig! @ RawAndRough

July 10, 2015

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A few weeks ago I met up with Ray Dalton when he was in NYC. It was an interesting chat. I actually started writing up a blog post about it and then stopped 'cause I wasn't sure if he was OK with me sharing some of what he said. But the bottom line is that Ray's a great guy with a head on his shoulders.

One thing we discussed is how he was a vers bottom before he got back into porn and escorting. He kept getting cast as a top on porn shoots and clients kept hiring him as a top, not a bottom, so over the past few years he's actually been more of a top than a bottom just because so much of his sex life is wrapped up in "work".

And then there's the latest scene over at Raw & Rough where Ray gets gangbanged by 5 tops… Clearly he finally got a gig as a bottom and it sorta made up for all those times producers wanted him as a top!

The tops in the scene are: Nick Roberts – the furry guy with the chain harness, Lex Antoine – the guy in the J-holster harness, Shay Michaels – the beefy muscle guy in the asymmetrical harness, Aarin Asker – the guy with bleached hair and the above-the-tits harness, and lastly Lukas Cipriani – the tattooed guy with the long hair and the below-the-tits harness. [It is impressive the number of different types of harnesses they managed to get into one scene…]

Ray is such a big pig at heart that 5 dicks just wasn't enough – he wanted more, so Shay Michaels put a dildo on a power tool and pummeled Ray's ass with it. Nothing like roughing up a hole before it gets filled with cum, right? And of course it wouldn't be a proper Dick Wadd video if there weren't a bunch of piss, so Lex Antoine let rip a huge stream of piss while Shay was working the ass with the power tool. Now, I sorta question the wisdom of pissing on something electrical – that could have ended very badly if the piss got mixed with the electricity, but luckily that didn't happen.

Now the question is, what will Ray's bottom clients think of him getting gangbanged? Would they rather get fucked by someone who's "all top" (or at least mostly top)? But Ray is totally a free spirit, so if someone really likes what Ray's about I can't see them being bothered by this scene. I mean hell, Ray's Twitter stream is filled with references of him getting loads as much as giving them, so it's not like Ray's bottoming is some big secret.

Think this is hot and wanna see more? Head over to and check out the full video – it's hot!

Shay Michaels fucking Ray Dalton's hairy ass during a gangbang
Ray Dalton taking a load from Shay Michaels during a 5 top gangbang
Lukas Cipriani dumping a load on Ray Dalton's hole during a gangbang

The Video I Shot Of Adam Russo Fucking Jayson Park Is Now On

March 25, 2015

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Last year Jayson Park contacted me. He wanted to coordinate some porn shoots and asked if he could shoot scenes at my place. The first shoot was with Randy Harden. I just lent them the guest bedroom and they did their thing for a couple hours. But for the second shoot Jayson had problems finding a cameraman, so I volunteered. The pics you see here are from that shoot. Those two scenes plus a couple others Jayson coordinated were put together on the Creamin' Daddies DVD which is now available on

For the shoot Jayson agreed to wear a Breeding Zone t-shirt so there are some great shots of him promoting the site (even though he's not a member - lol). Oh, and just for you Breeding Zone fans, he wore little biohazard earrings for the shoot – sorta saying he's a poz & proud slut!

As you can see the top was Adam Russo. He's got a great dick on him – nice, big and thick – "just the right size". The two of them had great chemistry – which isn't something I say very often, but I literally saw it up close with my own eyes.

Since those two scenes were shot at my place, those of you who've hooked up with me at my place in the past two years will probably recognize the room. ;)

One other Breeding Zone connection with Creamin' Daddies is that one of the scenes is of Breeding Zone veteran Tiger Milner getting fucked by Jayson. So what does it mean when a bottom gets fucked and bred by one of the biggest cumdumps in the industry? I mean Jayson has taken over 100 dicks, and he's the one breeding Tiger. Does that make Tiger the bigger bottom?

And then there's also a scene with Jayson getting fucked by porn veteran Jeff Grove.

So head over to and see my first attempt at filming for commercial porn. I will say HDK wasn't too happy with what we gave them. I think they thought it was too rough and amateur. But rough and amateur is genuine - and you like guys like genuine, right? Though next time I'll try to do a little better ;)

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Adam Russo in an intense fuck of Jayson Park

Ben Huller Is Making A Comeback!

April 09, 2012

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I'm really happy to say it looks like Ben Huller is making a comeback. He was the top who was features on He had a style about him that was really pretty incredible - takes twink and young jock porn to a whole other level. He's a pretty aggressive top - he'll slap the bottoms, choke them, and there are times when he fucks them so hard they're in visible pain. Then he creams their hole and shoves back in. In other words, he totally just abuses the guys which is hot since he tends to be matched up with these adorable twinks and young jocks.

Problem was a few years ago Pop Boys stopped doing updates. It got sold to someone who was really unscrupulous - was slamming credit cards and not paying bills. Then it was sold to someone else who's a bit better, but they're still not doing updates. Still, if you're looking for porn with Ben Huller, Pop Boys is where you'll find the best collection of it.

A month or two ago I noticed Ben was in some scenes from, but they didn't know that he was pretty well known as Ben Huller so they just bullshitted and gave him names like Dimitri and Tommy.

When I was in Phoenix talking to people who shot bareback twink porn I kept talking about Ben Huller - telling them to get more aggressive/abusive with the twink bottoms - that porn like that would sell really well. Then when I got back I saw that Ben Huller posted on one of the gay webmaster boards - he was back and wanting to move from just modeling to producing and modeling. We chatted on Skype and I hooked him up with my best friend who puts sites together for producers like him. They haven't cemented a deal yet - he might work with a couple other people I suggested to him, but it looks like Ben Huller will be back soon in a big way.

In chatting with him I found out Ben is actually bisexual. That's probably why he's so rough with the bottoms he fucks - to him, the guys are just holes who exist for his pleasure. When Pop Boys stopped filming Ben actually went and did work in straight porn, but now he's back wanting to do gay porn again. Straight porn is typically very different - it's about the bottoms (the girls). I can see where Ben can be more of a star in gay porn. And since he likes rough sex it's probably more acceptable to slap around and choke a guy than it is to slap around and choke a girl (who's supposed to be the star of the scene).

If you want to see a few new scenes featuring Ben Huller, check out Just realize that they don't call him Ben Huller...

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Raunchy Brazilian Twinks In Heat @ Young Hot Latinos

December 14, 2010

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A pair of hot teenagers doing it raw at has my dick leaking! Alex and Roger are two Brazillians with all the right ideas about sex, dirty, raw and out for everyone to see.  Alex is the cum slut with the high lights, I bet he's out in Rio taking thick creamy load after load from all the hunks around town, Roger looks more like the boy next door, an unsuspecting raw fuck slut and I love that about him. These two are obviously totally into each other I wouldn't be surprised if they fuck when the cameras and cash aren't rolling, this just feels like everyday life for them.

Roger doesn't fuck around opening up his cumdump, ramming a dildo up there to get it primed for his fuck stick. I bet Alex was wishing the whole time he had that fake dick up there he could feel some real skin rubbing inside his silky fuck chute. These two fuck like pros, with Alex looks content just turning his body over to Roger for his own pleasure. It's good to see such a cum dump streak in a hot teenager like Alex, I bet he'll be taking loads for years to cum, it's his destiny!

For more, Young Hot Latinos has some of the web's hottest twinky Latinos getting down and dirty.

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Raunchy Asian Boys Bareback @ Asia Boy Video

November 25, 2010

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These nasty little boys are doing it right at These two are fucking sexy little things, smooth bodies, shaved pubes and enough sex drive to keep me fucking rock hard. I love how these guys come across like this is there day to day behavior, gotta respect the young piggy boys who know what the games about.

These two start off kissing, and not just on the lips, I think it's totally hot and submissive to see the boy go to work on his buddies foot. With the same intensity he gets to sucking a tasty Asian fuck stick, and he is LOVING IT! It takes no time for them to get to the good stuff, raw dick in a tight fuck chute, this is passionate sex to the max, you can see the complete and utter extacy written on each of their faces, YUM! Watching the raw ass action is amazing while they passionately kiss, I wouldn't be surprised if they were real life fuck buddies, the chemistry is unbelievable!  The boys really pig out on a big white dildo, because that skinny dick wasn't enough to satisfy that eager fuck chute, and nce they get to filling his ass up with the oiled balls, it's just soo fucking hot. I would love to see that tight little asian twink with a big fucking man punch fucking his boy pussy into oblivion, and this is a great start.

For more pigs from the east is a primo source!

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