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Randy Blue Is Going Bareback!

March 11, 2015

Tattooed white guy kisses a blatino guy in bedTwo hot guys make out in bed
Tattooed white guy sucking on blatino cockBlatino guy cleans off the hard cock of a tattooed guy
Heavily tattooed guy lines up his cock for a bareback fuckBeefy blatino guy riding another guy's dick bareback

Great news! Randy Blue is going bareback! I've always loved Randy Blue, EXCEPT that they always used condoms. They have some really hot guys, and they're not afraid to show men of color. In fact some of the hottest Asians I've seen in gay porn have been on Randy Blue. And that's true in their first ever bareback scene which went live on their site yesterday. It featured blatino (Dominican?) Dominic Santos getting fucked by Jordan Levine, who also breaks some stereotypes of his own. I mean with a name like Jordan Levine he's making it pretty clear he's Jewish, and you don't really think of hot muscley guys covered in tattoos when you think of guys who are "Jewish identified". (Not to say stereotypical Jewish guys aren't hot – it's just Jordon doesn't fit the stereotype).

So the "plot" of the scene is that Dominic just got dumped by his boyfriend Scotty Marx. He's moping around his apartment in just a jockstrap and when his roommate (Jordon) asks him what's up he tells him he just broke up with his boyfriend. Then Jordon consoles him and the consolation turns into sex. Talk about fucking a guy when he's down…

Anyway, Randy Blue didn't just do "polite" bareback for their first scene – they went all the way and Jordon blew his load up Dominic's ass, and then continued to fuck him. Jordon's first load is literally leaking out of Dominic's ass as the fuck continues. Then Jordon pulls out for the second load.

So Randy Blue is off to an incredible start in barebacking. They've kept up the quality of their guys, and done an internal breeding. Let's hope they do really well with this transition. From the sounds of it some of their current models aren't particularly happy about the change. And for those models they may do the occasional condom scene. Honestly though, I hope the day comes when if a guy wants to do porn he's gotta go raw. With TasP and rigorous STD testing by studios, there's really no reason to use rubbers anymore.

Show your support of Randy Blue going bareback by heading over, checking out the site, and maybe even joining… The guy really are incredibly hot.

Dark skinned guy gets fucked bareback by tattooed white guy
Dominic Santos is rock hard while riding Jordan Levine's cock and kissing himBlatino bottom is rock hard as he rides a guy bareback

Bearded Brazilian Boy Is Bred @ Raw Fuck Club

September 20, 2012

Hot young tatted cub sucking a big Brazillian dick
Eddie blows his thick load on Xande's well fucked ass
Raw black dick pounds a beefy hairy ass

Barebacking really does create a "club" of guys - guys who are either poz or don't really care whether they become poz. It's always a turn on to see some of the hot guys who are part of the club. Raw Fuck Club chronicles some of the hottest members of that club - guys you'd love to have sex with - even if you're neg and they're high viral load poz. These are the brand ambassadors - the guys who recruit other guys in the club.

For all you bottoms the top in this video, Xande, is one hot fucker. He's a dark-skinned Brazilian with a tight lean body, and a HUGE dick. I mean the pic just above of his slick dick working the bottom's hole is pretty incredible. That's what all you bottoms want. And you know you'd never ask Xande his status - you'd take his load no questions asked.

Then there's Eddie the super hot, scruffy, tattooed bottom boy! DAMN! He's such a hot fuckhole. It's like he's got a permanent smile glued to his face - he just loves to take big raw cock and loads. You know he never asks a top their status - he just wants dicks and loads up his hole.

Guys, if you haven't fully joined the club, you need to. And a good first step is to join to get an idea of what it means to be part of the real bareback community. The sex is hot, the bottoms filled with cum. Seriously - join the club!

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Freakzilla Diego Plows Latin Ass @

June 23, 2012

Fuego and Freakzilla shirtless on the couch
Hot smooth young Latin ass
Fuego blows thick black cock

Usually Raw Rods features black-on-black bareback fucking, but in this scene they mix it up a bit with their first Latino bottom - Fuego. The scene is a study in shades of brown - the two guys have pretty similar skin tones, but one is clearly black, and the other is clearly Latino.

The thing I like about this video is how both Fuego and the top, Freakzilla Diego, (who names these guys?) seem like genuine thugs who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. I fuck guys like that pretty regularly and they know life is short and you just gotta work on finding simple pleasures like fucking and (in their case) getting loads in your ass.

To me both of the guys are pretty fuckable, but it's the top, Freakzilla Diego who I'd really love to fuck. His ass is just incredible - and I love his tats, and his skin tone... I wonder if he gets fucked and takes loads?

For some of the best black (and Latino) bareback porn, head over to - their videos are REALLY hi-def - many are over 1GB in size...

Freakzilla pounding his raw cock into Fuego's hole
Raw black cock slams into tight latin ass
Freakzilla's raw dick pounding Fuego's ass

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Hot Latino Is Fucked In A Cage @ Breed Me Raw

October 21, 2011

Diego Catalan shows off his big beefy assIgor Lucas ass up naked on the bed
Igor gets a taste of Diego's big beefy ass  through the bars of a cage
Diego Catalan works the head of Igor's uncut dick

Every years seems to get better and better for the sperm dealers at

Diego Catalan is new to REAL porn, and Igor Lucas has volunteered to show him why fucking raw beats sterile and superficial Safe Sex 'demos', any day of the cum-leaking week! If you like to see those few Latino guys who aren't ashamed to show off their luscious uncut cocks, these two studs have the foreskin for you. Watch the clip below to see how they put them to good use!

Nothing beats seeing Beefy Jocks get Bred, and Here is the Place to catch Male Cum Saturation at its Best!

Igor slides his fat raw dick into Diego's big ass
Diego on his back getting his hole fucked raw
Igor's raw dick pounding Diego's hole

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Jock Orgy Plus Toys @ Bare Adventures

April 10, 2011

Filip and Marco lick Shances' cock while he blows a twinkMarco Fisher gets his cock sucked while blowing Shanches
Pierced twink shows off his well fucked holeRipped Black guy serviced by two White twinks
Young bareback twinks take raw cockYoung guy plays with a toy in his ass while others jerk off around him

Whether or not you usually get turned on by twinks,  if barebacking makes you hot, then you gotta love sites like Bare Adventures that feature young dudes taking it raw.  Cause let's face it, if they are learning the joys of skin on skin action now, that's how they are always gonna want to fuck.  Right?  I love watching a guy bareback for the first time and seeing them realize how much better it is.  Or watching a top seed a hungry hole for the first time... or when a bottom gets that first load.. and you know they're never going to want to go back to using condoms.  Like in this scene, where four sexy young dudes are having a party and then decide it's time to get naked and fuck each their brains out.  All four guys are adorable and have sweet little bodies that are all toned and look great sucking and fucking each other.  They start off in pairs, but soon cum together... they even bring out a double-headed dildo for one of the guys to use. Good little pigs.

To watch more of the younger crew take a walk on the wild side,  go check them all out at

Four horny twinks raw fuckin each other
Barebacking twinks sucking each others hard dicks
Smooth young guy takes raw cock in his holeFilip Dorty takes Shances's huge raw cock in his tight hole

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