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Juicy Boys Goes Bareback & Changes Name To Bromo

December 02, 2015

Four hot naked guys with hard cocksA fourgy of hot guys sucking, fucking and teabagging
Three tops work over Johnny Rapid's holes
Vadim Black smiles as he inspects willing ass

You've probably heard about Juicy Boys. There are ads for it all over the place. Well, they've been playing with bareback stuff for a few months now, and they've finally figured out bareback is better (duh!) so they're going all bareback and in the process they're changing their name to

Mount BromoI'm guessing Bromo is a combination of Bro & Homo, but not sure. I suppose they could have named it after Mount Bromo – an active volcano in Indonesia (see pic right). I mean there will be a lot of mounting and eruptions, and the boys will be pretty, much like Mount Bromo. Either way, it's nice to have another quality bareback site. Honestly I don't think there will be many condom sites left in 3-5 years. I mean who wants to fuck with condoms? And who wants to watch porn with condoms?

Anyway, this scene features Johnny Rapid who is rather infamous for a number of reasons. For starters he's now been fucked by 100 guys – and those are just the ones in porn. Unfortunately most of that fucking was with condoms, but as you can see in this scene he's now ditching the condoms, getting gangbanged, double fucked, and taking loads.

But here's the rub - apparently he's "straight" / "gay for pay". Which would be laughable for a guy who's gotten fucked by 100 guys for everyone to see, and can get double fucked by tops with huge dicks, but his heterosexuality is actually documented in court papers. He was arrested his past January for assaulting his girlfriend when she refused to have a threesome with a 14 year old girl. So it seems he's bisexual, and a rather big mess.

Anyway, the tops are boring in comparison. But IMHO, they're hotter than Johnny (who's only sorta my type). The dark guy is Vadim Black (I'd love to fuck him). The guy with hair on his chest is Dennis West, and the big beefy muscle guy is Jake Wilder. And I gotta add, Jake's dick is stunning. Big, thick, with a mushroom head. You can see it in the last pic below.

Anyway, as you can see below all the guy's cum on his ass and then Jake works it into Johnny's hole. Hopefully the next 100 guys to fuck Johnny will breed him just as thoroughly!

If you're looking for another hot jock bareback site, checkout – it seems pretty hot!

Johnny Rapid getting double fucked bareback
Johnny Rapid getting double fucked bareback by two big cocks
Johnny Rapid gets an ass full of cum

Power Bottom Twink Gets Triple Fucked @Staxus

June 20, 2015

Four hot guys sucking and kissing in bed
Bottom gets his ass fucked while another guy sucks his dick

There are quite a few double fuck scenes out there, and getting double fucked is an impressive accomplishment – especially when the tops have big dicks. Clearly bottoms who get double fucked are "power bottoms", but what about getting triple fucked? That's just a whole other category all together. In fact I didn't even know it was all that possible until I saw this scene on where Johny Cruz has three guys fuck him all at once.

So the "plot" for this scene is that Johny Cruz is having sex with Alejandro Alvarez (the bearded guy sucking dick in the top pic above) and Xavi Duran (the tattooed guy). Xavi is first in Johny's ass – fucks him while he's 69ing Alejandro. But then both the tops start double fucking him. You'd think that was enough but no, pizza arrives and the pizza guy (Jace Reed) joins in and soon the double fuck turns into a triple fuck.

Now just think about the mechanics of a triple fuck. Usually the rule is that the top with the biggest dick lays on his back and the top with the shorter dick comes in from behind. But when two tops are coming in from behind the second one has to have a really long, hard cock since the ass of the other top is in the way and he sorta has to get past that just to get to the bottom's hole. But Jace definitely has a huge cock that's up to the task. That's the monster that Alejandro is sucking in the first pic.

What's curious is that Johny almost takes the triple fuck in stride. It's Alejandro who looks like he's going through really intense sensations. He's got his dick buried really deep in Johny's hole. The pressure on his dick as Johny's hole is stretched to the limit must have been pretty incredible.

The only thing I can fault this video for is that Johny didn't get any loads up his ass. All three tops gave him a big cum facial instead. It would have been cool to see his ass dripping pink cream. I mean with all those dicks in him you'd think he's bleed a little, and it's always hot to see cum mixed with a little blood. You just know that cum is in there doing it's job…

If you like double fucks and even triple fucks, head over to Staxus… Bottoms taking multiple dicks is one of their specialties. As well as a few fisting scenes and big dildos, multiple dildos, etc.

Bottom kissing a top while he gets double fucked
Three tops triple fuck a bottom

3 "Niggas" Work Over A Hungry White Hole @ Raw Nasty Fuckers

February 03, 2015

Black guy eats out a hungry white hole
White guy gangraped by three black dudes
Huge black dick about to fuck a white ass bareback
Dark black guy fucking a white bareback bottom with a big hard cock

I bet there are a lot of you out there that, when you see this scene from Raw Nasty Fuckers are completely jealous of the bottom – Austin Dallas. I mean for an experienced bottom, #BigBlackCock is the pinnacle of their sexual desires. Getting fucked by a dick that big is memorable and Austin gets not one, but three of those cocks.

And not only does he get fucked by them, but it's all raw and he gets their toxic loads blown up his ass. I'm sure he didn't even ask about their status. He's way beyond that. He just wants the loads from those #DangerousBlackDicks – no matter how dirty they are. It's the hunger every true #BBBH bottom knows. You exist to take loads, not ask questions.

The three tops are Quawn, Ice and K-9. (Don't ask me which is which.) One thing I love about them is they're just average guys off the street. They look like the guys who hang out on my block here in Harlem. Their bodies are a little imperfect, but none of that matters – it's all about those 10" dicks and their uninhibited sexuality.

If this scene turns you on, you should head over to to see more incredible, sleazy, interracial bareback porn. It's hot!

White guy gets fucked by 3 big black cocks
Black dick fucking a white ass bareback
Black dick creaming a white bareback bottom

May Your Christmas Be Filled With Many Gifts ;)

December 24, 2013

Logan gets a mouth full of Champ Robinson's huge meat
Brandon gets his ass bred while Logan sucks a huge black cock
Champp Robinson buries his bare cock in a hot ass

Well, maybe not your Christmas… Maybe having your ass filled with many gifts would be better ;) What if your boyfriend got you three really hot guys to have sex with for Christmas? That would be cool, right?

Well, I'm sure Owen Hawk is behind the camera on in this scene from Raw Fuck Club and he's watching his boyfriend Brandon Hawk get fucked by none other than Champ Robinson (the big black stud), Alejandro Wilde (the thin Latino) and a guy named Logan (the blond vers bottom sucking dick above and getting fucked in the pic below).

In the Hawk household this is just another day. I mean they have a constant stream of guys going through their place who fuck or get fucked by one or both of them. But for the rest of us, this would be a real treat!

So if your boyfriend set something like this up for you, which guy would you most look forward to getting fucked by? The big black stud? The thick dicked Latino kid or the slutty white guy who's probably been fucked by hundreds of guys? Hard choice eh? Good thing you get a variety of guys to choose from! Maybe when it's done you'll have a favorite.

Assuming you don't have a boyfriend setting up a gangbang for you, head over to and imagine you're in the middle of the action! They're real, hardcore barebackers who know the meaning of real sex. They've joined the Raw Fuck Club and are genuine #BBBH members ;)

Scruffy young Logan getting his ass pounded by Chmps big black cock
Brandon and Logan getting their ass pounded bareback
Champ shoots hot load on Brandon's well fucked hole


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Drew Sumrok Taking Anonymous Loads @ Raw Fuck Club

November 17, 2013

Drew sucking a huge black cock at the gloryhole
Drew backs his hole up to Champ's cock at the gloryhole
Drew Sumrock sucking a bunch of guys off

While it's hot to watch clean cut guys fuck raw, what's even hotter is watching real sex pigs in action. And there's nothing piggier than being bent over at a glory hole letting guys you can't even see fuck you raw and cum in your ass. That's exactly what Drew Sumrok is doing in this scene from Raw Fuck Club.

The scene opens with Drew on his knees at a bathhouse glory hole sucking dick, but he wants more - he wants all those big hard cocks up his ass. Soon enough he's bent over taking anonymous cocks up his hole. But the tops want more intensity than they get through a gloryhole so they join Drew on his side of the wall and the scene turns into a little gangbang with all three tops fucking him.

The tops are hot, big dicked raunchy fuckers you all know - Champ Robinson, Jessy Karson and Austin Dallas. I mean with fuckers like that it's pretty much a perfect scene. Whether you're a top or a bottom this is one scene you wish you were in the middle of.

You know, I wish I had enough money to start a good, raunchy sex club here in NYC. The sex scene here is a bit underwhelming. I mean we should have some awesome sex clubs. Problem is the city has been ruled by Republican mayors for 20 years now. They've redefined what's acceptable. I can't see the new Democratic mayor changing that a lot - but who knows - maybe things will loosen up a little.

I'd love to run a sex club 'cause I want to create places where guys can bend over and take anonymous loads. I mean as more poz guys do well on their ARVs and neg guys get on PrEP now is really the time to step up the sex scene. I mean nothing compares to walking out of a sex club with a half dozen loads in your ass and not knowing any of the names of the guys ;) is a real, genuinely piggy bareback site with some of the hottest guys in porn. Check it out to see some of the hottest porn anywhere and then go out to your local bathhouse, or sex party and experience first-hand what you see in their videos.

Raw cock fucking Drew's smooth ass
Champ's wet cock drips a load after pounding Drew's ass


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