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Bodybuilders Prefer Bareback @ Hot Barebacking

May 04, 2015

Muscle studs Rick Romo & Shay MichaelsTwo naked bodybuilders face off
Scruffy Rick Romo sucking dick
Beefy butt about to get fucked bareback

I remember a time when you almost never saw muscle guys in bareback porn. There were a few, but they were rare. Now "everyone is doing it" and bodybuilders finally get to come out of the bareback closet and show everyone that they like to give and take loads like the rest of us. Not that that's new. I mean the top in this video from is Shay Michaels and he's been barebacking for years now (at least 4 years ago based on when he started his Twitter account).

Shay is the perfect muscle daddy top. He's solid, scruffy, masculine and has huge muscles. Basically he just exudes a topish aura. Bottoms just naturally want to serve him and bend over for his loads.

You can see as much in the expressions on Rick Romo's face at the beginning of the video below. He looks like a kid in the candy store when he sees Shay flexing for him. You couldn't wipe the grin off his face if you tried. I'm sure he's envisioning taking a load from such a hot muscle daddy top.

Turns out Rick has a pretty big and beautiful uncut cock. It's bigger than Shay's, but you can just tell Rick has no interest in being a top. With Shay he's all bottom. And as the scene progresses you can tell Rick's in pain as Shay fucks him, but he's a good bottom and puts up with the pain to make Shay happy and to get the load. And get the load he does - deep in his ass!

Hot Barebacking wasn't updating all that often for a while there, but I've been told they're back to full production and clearly as good or better than ever! Head over and check out all the hot guys…

Rick Romo legs up getting fuck raw by a married muscle daddy
Beefy muscle bottom bent over getting fucked by muscle daddy

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Hot Jock Takes Big Muscle Guy's Raw Cock @ Sean Cody

January 15, 2015

Two hot jocks relaxing before they fuck.Hot muscle stud gets sucked off by cute jock
Guy with smooth washboard abs gets a blowjobGuy rims a slightly hairy hole
Cute jock getting fucked missionary positionTop with tight hole fucks a guy bareback

Thank god for sites like Sean Cody that give the body beautiful crowd sexual role models where condoms are just never an issue – 'cause they're never used! It really gets the message across that hot guys don't use condoms (so why should you?) And now that "the cool guys" always seem to go raw, barebacking is getting more and more accepted and it's "just sex". More guys are realizing that the whole point of sex is the exchange of cum. In other words, we're evolving sexually as a community and sites like Sean Cody are helping the progress towards a more uninhibited gay sexuality.

Now, the news this past week is that MindGeek (previously known as Manwin) bought Sean Cody. They're a pretty controversial company because they own most of straight porn. They also own something like 5 of the 7 biggest tube sites. And they also own a bunch of gay sites (the biggest of which is – a condom site). And now they own Sean Cody – one of the biggest gay sites there is. I'm just hoping this might lead to going bareback.

Oh yeah – the scene – the big muscle top is Jack. The jock bottom is Porter. The scene is from this past summer. I just picked it because I thought Jack's body was pretty incredible. His dick isn't the biggest, but every other muscle on his is huge. And Porter is such a cute bottom. He looks so eager to please.

Anyway, head over to and check out all the hot muscle guys barebacking… They have two bareback scenes go live every week, plus two solo scenes. So TONS of great videos!

Hot muscle dude fucking an eager jock bottomSmooth guys fucking bareback
Muscle stud fucking a smooth jock

Bodybuilder Daddy Stretches Latino Pig Hole @ Raw Fuck Club

May 23, 2013

Marco Cruise on his knees sucking Jim's big dick
Marco Cruise sucking Jim Ferro's big cock
Jim teases open Marco's fuck hole

Raw Fuck Club has the hottest guys in bareback porn. Period. End of story. This scene shows exactly what I'm talking about... It has Jim Ferro fucking Marco Cruise. I've met both of them in person when Dick Wadd shot some scenes at my place.

IMHO, Jim Ferro is one of the hottest tops out there. He's so hot I'd even bottom for it and put the video online for all to see. I don't care that he's poz. I don't care that there are rumors guys have gotten fuck flu and tested poz after he's rough fucked them with his Prince Albert. (If someone is going to poz me I'd love it to be someone like Jim Ferro.) I don't know that I could take his big dick and I seriously don't think I could take his PA (it would probably leave my hole a bloody mess), but I'd try if he was up for it.

Then there's Marco Cruise. Physically he's as hot a bottom as Jim Ferro is a top. I mean he's got a great body and I'd love to fuck him and breed his hole. Thing is he's a bit of a personal mess. He's got a nervous energy to him that I find distracting - it adds energy to a porn scene but would be weird 1-on-1. But if that could be removed (say with some sleeping pills) then I'd love to fuck him - he's got a totally hot body that would be a lot of fun to breed.

If you wanna see the absolute hottest in bareback porn I highly recommend - check it out! The guys are hot, the action is sleazy - it's just good all around ;)

Jim Ferro's raw dick pounding Marco's hole
Jim slams his raw dick into Marco's willing ass
Marco pulls his ass apart to Jim can fuck deeper

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Shut Up And Take My Dick, Slut @ Raw Fuck Club

February 22, 2013

Tommy Hawk drools on Matthias's huge uncut dick
Muscled Matthias and Tommy kiss and jerk off
Matthias licks Tommy while pounding his hole

Not sure why, but I've been seeing a lot of Matthias von Fistenberg lately. I'm not complaining - I mean he's seriously hot (he used to be a Falcon model). In this scene from Raw Fuck Club he's topping muscle boy Tommy Hawk.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but pretty sure about what I'm going to say... Matthias is a big 'ol fisting bottom so it's pretty safe to assume he's poz. Now seeing a poz top forcefully fuck a hot muscle bottom and tear up his ass with a big thick uncut pierced dick - well, that's really fuckin' hot! You know he's collected all sorts of DNA up his own (rather loose) hole - and not only is he sharing it, but he's an incredible dominating top when he does it. Don't like how he's fucking you? Tough shit - he'll just cover your mouth so he doesn't have to listen to you complain.

Usually guys are just good at being tops OR being bottoms, but Matthias von Fistenberg is clearly incredible at both. We need more hot pigs like him to show guys how it should be done.

If you wanna see more hot raunchy fuckers like Matthias - head over to - the selection of guys they have is one of the best you'll find anywhere.

Inked Matthias pounds Tommy's muscle hole
Matthian Von Fistenberg brutal fucking Tommy Hawk's bare ass
Smooth muscle ass fucked bareback

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Hot Latino Threesome With Double Penetration @ HotBarebacking

May 13, 2011

Beefy Juan Steel fucking assJuan Steel pounding Gabriel's hot latin hole
Juan and Miguel double fuck Gabriel's ass
Gabriel D'Allesandro with two raw dicks in his assGabriel with two raw cocks in his hole

The fuckers over at Hot Barebacking put together a hot little three way session here and double penetration is definitely on order! Getting DP'd is no easy task. Its right up there with getting fisted. You not only have to be completely relaxed and trust your tops, you have to be completely free of any "obstacles" that might get in the way! Seriously, I speak from experience!

Meet Gabriel D'Alessandro, Juan Steel and Miguel Temon. Hot men who put on a show you are going to rewind over and over and cum a lot! So, Gabriel had never been double fucked before and decided it was time try it out. What the hell? You should try everything at least once in your life, no? How else will you know if you like something or not. Hop on and ride along here!

Juan and Miguel double fuck Gabriel
Gabriel servicing Miguiel's hot cockJuan and Gabriel kiss while he gets his ass plowed
Gabriel D'Alessandro getting his ass plowed by Juan Steel

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