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IMHO, the problem with gay relationships is that gay guys model them off straight relationships. But gay relationships are different 'cause they're between two horny guys. Men need sex, but with straight relationships they push monogamy 'cause they don't want their men going around making babies with other women (or the wife's baby not to belong to her husband). But gay men don't really have those issues.

Since this is Valentines Day I challenge all of you to rethink what a "good" gay relationship really is. For starters forget about monogamy. I've been with my husband for over 17 years now and I know a fair number of long-term gay couples. Fewer than a handful of those couples still even pretend to be monogamous. So, if you want a long-term relationship, the first rule is that you both should be out fucking other guys.

OR you could do what Cole & Hunter do over at Maverick Men… They bring in other guys and fuck them. Given that one of them is always behind the camera it's more like a tag team than a true threeway, but the point is, they're not having sweet, romantic, lovey-dovey sex – they're fucking other guys and breeding them and then sending them home with cum in their asses (or down their throats).

While you may boo-hoo that whole idea, the fact of the matter is, it works. Besides Cole & Hunter, Owen & Brandon Hawk are a long-term couple who are clearly not monogamous. Then there's Seth Chase & Aaron French who also have guys in to fuck and film. And the other day I found out Cutler X and Adam Russo were a couple. And the guy from Deviant Otter does threeways with his boyfriend (as well as one-on-ones with other guys). And those guys are just a few of the many gay couples who've done bareback porn, which of course is a small percentage of the open gay relationships out there. So when you need a role model for your relationship – look to those guys before you look to what's ideal in the straight world 'cause even in the straight world monogamy isn't the norm after 7 or 10 years.

Anyway, I should talk a bit about this scene. I gotta say I'm in LOVE with the guy Cole & Hunter brought in to fuck. His name is Archer and I'm guessing he's maybe 5 foot tall, and skinny as a rail. He might even be under 100 pounds. To me that's the absolutely perfect size for a bottom. I LOVE fucking guys like that.

The one place where he's not skinny is his big fat dick. It's huge. So I'm sure he'd make a great top too. But given his size most guys probably want to fuck him – at least until they undress him and see his huge cock.

So find yourself a boy toy like Archer and give him as a gift to your boyfriend for Valentines Day. Or if your boyfriend is more of a cumdump, organize a gangbang for him. I mean don't you love it when your boyfriend's ass is full of cum? You'll both love it. He'll get all sorts of gifts up his ass and you'll get the gift of fucking a hot cummy hole.

Bottom line, we're not straight. Let's not pretend we are. Get over monogamy, get your dicks out (and your asses cleaned out), and fuck. Then fuck some more. In the end open, honest relationships are stronger than monogamous ones. And they're a hell of a lot more fun!

If you want to see your role models in action… Head over to and see Cole & Hunter fuck all sorts of hot guys.

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