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Twink Gets Fucked Raw At A Sex Bar @ Boy Banged

October 30, 2015

Slutty twink sucking on daddy dick at the barSlutty twink gets dominated by a top at a bar
Top grabs a twink's head and pulls it back
Twink gets fucked raw while sitting on a bar stoolTwink bends over and gets fucked by a smooth lean top

I wish NYC weren't so uptight about sex in bars. Some cities have full on sex bars where you can go, strip down, have a drink, and suck and fuck as much as you want. This scene on captures a bit of that scene.

One of my friends warned me to not promote this site. That I might not get paid. So honestly I can't recommend that you join the site, but at the same time the scene captured my imagination. I mean the fixed stools at the bar are a perfect height so a top can come up and slide into a bottom's hole. You can't do that with the big bar stools here in NYC…

And I love how young and impressionable the twink ("Daryl") seems. I'm guessing he's like a freshman in college – just getting his bearing on what it means to be out on his own and gay. And then some older (but thankfully not ugly) man ("Ali") takes advantage of his innocence and defiles him when Daryl checks out one of his local gay bars. If only we could see what comes next as guy after guy uses Daryl's hole for their own pleasure. That's the way to teach twinks the ways of the world!

If you like the general premise of older guys fucking young, impressionable twinks – then check out Boy Banged – that's sorta the primary theme of the site. And apparently it's all bareback. HOWEVER, I can't vouch for the site. As I mentioned a friend warned me about the owner of the site, and I can't say how many videos are on the site or how often it updates. Still, I gotta say I like the raunchiness of the videos…

Smooth top Ali fucking a twink at a bar
Twink bends over and gets fucked by a smooth lean topTwink with his face covered in cum

Cazzo Has Gone Bareback…

October 27, 2015

Sex pigs having sex in an abandoned buildingCocksucker working a rock hard uncut cock with the foreskin pulled back
Jesse Vos sucking dickJesse Vos fucking a cumdump bottom
Ken Taylor bent over getting fucked by Jesse Vos

If you've been reading this blog for a while you understand why bareback porn is better than condom porn. As time goes on more and more studios are going raw – 'cause it's better. One of the latest is Cazzo Film's Cazzo has been a pretty edgy studio for a while now, but they've always rubbered up. Well, that's ended. Which is awesome since they shoot really good porn, and from the looks of it, they're still very much on their game – their going bareback doesn't seem to be a Hail Mary indicating they've lost their way and will try anything to keep their business going (like it is for some other studios).

There are times when I feel like I should be living in Berlin. It seems to be the most sexual city in the world right now – the most accommodating of slutty pigs like me. I mean I missed NYC in the '70s when you could just go down to the piers and fuck in abandoned buildings or in the trucks that were parked for the night along the Westside Highway.

Cazzo manages to capture moments like that in videos like this one. Two sex pigs (Jesse Vos, the top and Ken Taylor, the bottom) are eager to fuck and run into an abandoned building that's part of an old train terminal in East Berlin. They're not "body beautiful" guys – they're just sex pigs who love to fuck. That's what makes videos like this one so special – the chemistry and sexual desire.

I gotta say Jesse Vos' dick is beautiful. Big, veiny and uncut. No wonder Ken wants it deep in his ass!

About the only thing that would make this video hotter is if it that area were an active sex spot like the piers were back in the day and you could follow someone like Jesse or Ken around and see them fuck or get fucked by guy after guy. That's what the world needs more of – good, piggy, public sex.

So go check out Cazzo Club – I think you'll like their piggy style of porn!

Sex pig Ken Taylor getting fucked barebackBareback slut bent over taking dick
Two sluts fucking in an abandoned building

The Allure Of A Power Bottom @ Lucas Entertainment

October 25, 2015

Derek Parker and his hard cockDerek Parker's well used hole about to be rimmed while he's also kissed
Derek Parker spit roasted by two tops
Power bottom Derek Parker is the center of attention

Have you ever been at a sex club when some really hot cumdump comes in and then the tops ignore all the other bottoms and line up for the hot cumdump? As much as you'd think tops would rule the gay sex world (since they're harder to find than bottoms), power bottoms definitely have that name for a reason. That's sorta what happens in this scene from Lucas Entertainment – it's like everything revolves around Derek Parker… True, he's vers, not a total bottom, but I'd still label him a "power bottom" – he's just one that also tops from time to time (like he does in this scene – but notice that when he cums he's got a finger up his butt).

For starters, just look at this asshole in the picture top right. I mean that's one experienced hole! It's clear just looking at how it puckers that it's seen a lot of use. He knows how to make tops happy with that thing! Hell, as you see in the scene, his hole can take a double fucking without much effort. He may be vers, but he's totally a power bottom… And it's not just his hole. His whole body was just made for sex! He's seriously hot – lean, muscled, heavily tatt'd. He's a gay succubus, and he knows it.

The other two guys are Marcus Isaacs (with the big bird tattoo on his torso) and BJ Rhubarb. I gotta say – who gave BJ that last name? It was like the first producer he worked for didn't like him and gave him a stupid name and he kept it. Rhubarb? Really? He's named after a vegetable? (And not one that people are particularly fond of).

I gotta pity the bottom who's trying to get loads at a sex party that Derek Parker attends. But there are times when you just have to submit to the superior man. And Derek Parker is definitely one of those men.

So whether you're a top who wants to fantasize about dumping your load in Derek, or a bottom who wants to worship one of your heros… Head over to and take a look at all their Derek Parker videos… He's figgin' hot and incredible at making men (and their cocks) very happy!

Derek Parker's big ass fucked barebackMarcus Isaacs on top during a double fuck
Derek Parker blows his load on a hairy hole while another guy fingers his ass

Piggy Threeway @ Deviant Otter

October 22, 2015

Devin Totter buries his face in Eli Hunter's ass while Eli sucks Leon Fox
A pile of ass and dick hungry guys
Leon Fox gets spit roasted by Devin Totter and Eli Hunter

Eli Hunter has "You Only Live Once" tattooed across his chest. And for the past five years he's been making the most of that statement by getting his ass bred by all sorts guys on a whole bunch of different web sites – one of the latest of which is

We first saw Eli Hunter taking raw dick back in 2010 or so on sites like Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men. Then he moved on to Chaos Men where he was one of their regulars. Back then he had a full head of hair and looked a lot different than he does now. If it weren't for his tattoos you might not recognize him as the same person (at least not very quickly). Then he started giving himself a buzz cut and got a lot leaner and more "hard jock" looking. Now he seems to take it a bit easier. He's a bit heavier, but still pretty muscular. He's making the rounds of sites like Sketchy Sex and Guys In Sweatpants – pretty much letting anyone and everyone fuck him and breed his ass. After all, "You Only Live Once", right? So you need to get as much dick and cum up your ass as possible. There's no point in holding back or doing it tomorrow. You only go around once…

In the scene with Eli are Devin Totter (with the camo baseball cap – the main guy behind Deviant Otter), and Leon Fox. Both Devin and Leon on vers, but Eli is all bottom. So everyone gets fucked by the two tops and Devin and Leon fuck each other and Eli. You can just tell by how they pile on top of each other and devour cocks and asses that they're all good pigs. And good pigs = good porn!

So take Eli's tattoo to heart… You really do only live once. You need to make the most of it. Get off the friggin' couch and go fuck, or get fucked. Just be a cumdump or stud, but here.

Devin Totter ass up getting fucked by Leon Fox
Eli Hunter on all fours getting fucked by Devin Totter

Homo Thugs On the Down Low Fuck Raw @ Traphouse Boys

October 20, 2015

Two black, naked basketball playersBlack guy comes on to a thug on the DL
Black dude rimming a smooth black ass
Two big black cocksBlack thug fucking a black bottom bareback

Black guys on "the DL" (the Down Low) are always interesting to hookup with. They're very compartmentalized. They want gay sex. Hell, they need gay sex. But they're ashamed to admit it. They're probably fucking girls on the side to reinforce their self-worth. When I look at these pics from that's what I see in their eyes.

For starters there's "Dee Light" – the guy with the shaved head and goatee. Of course, his name reminds me of Deee-Lite, the group that did "Groove Is In The Heart" back in the day, but I doubt he's old enough to remember them. Maybe his parents conceived him while Groove Is In The Heart was playing in the background (though Deee-Lite was more of a white/Hispanic thing, and not really sex music).

Anyway, looking at Dee Light I totally see some guy on the DL. Hell, even his initials are DL ;) In the pics you see he likes having his ass rimmed, and when the other guy (Zoe) needs to cum he turns into a total cocksucker – even offers his ass to Zoe and Zoe comes all over his hole. You can tell he's hungry to take loads, but that's about as far as he'll let it go – he won't actually get fucked. He wants to bottom and be more vers, but his DL shtick won't let him "be the bitch", he's gotta "be a man". In his world you can "be a man" and still fuck a guy, you just can't take dick.

Then there's Zoe. He's moved past all that and just loves gay sex. He probably comes out of the same repressed milieux, but he's learned to just get over it and have fun. He loves rimming ass. He's probably a great top, if the guy lets him, and clearly he's an awesome bottom. I mean I'd totally fuck him. I love lean, muscley, black boy bottoms. They're great to hookup with. So hungry for dick and cum.

But remember, the whole DL thing is the reason why African American women have really high rates of HIV. In their culture it's not OK to be gay, so their boyfriends and husbands represses it, and don't talk about it. They don't get tested and bring it home to their women. That's not good for anyone. Yeah, it's hot to fuck them and cum in their ass, but they really should be true to themselves. Honesty really is the best policy. If you're a pig, just be a pig. It's better and healthier for you and the people around you.

But hey, it's a process, and they won't get to the end of their process unless guys are willing to fuck them and cum in their asses. It's only then that they can understand the piggy hunger they have deep inside. So head over to Traphouse Boys and support the guys on the DL. Then find a real one to fuck and breed!

Muscled black dude fucks his slim homie
Black ass and a cummy cock