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Normally, I'd be talking about how the bottom in this scene from Cocksure Men (DJ Mann) has a big uncut dick. I mean he's hung at least 8.5", probably 9", and it's a beautiful cock... Thing is, it pales in comparison to the top's dick (Hayden Russo). Hayden has a full 10 incher that's perfectly proportioned - thick and long. In comparison to Hayden, DJ's dick is sorta ordinary...

I guess you could say Cocksure Men is getting back into bareback porn in a big way. They were putting out a lot of bareback porn there for a while, then they sorta stopped with the bareback, but now it's coming back. Some of their big name models didn't want to fuck raw. Well, that's changing - the big name porn stars are back to fucking sans rubber, and the not big (yet) models are fucking raw too... While they're still a long way from even being "mostly bareback" it's a great sign of things to cum...

I really like the two models in this scene - they're hot... Both sorta scruffy and rough around the edges - heavily tattooed, fucking raw, with big dicks. And their bodies... DJ doesn't look like he's got an ounce of fat on him, and Hayden isn't far behind... I'm not quite sure how to classify them... They've got jock sorta bodies, but they're too rough for 'jock'. No matter - they're hot! Hope we see a lot more of them...

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