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If you're like me you like seeing hot young jocks get flip flop bareback like Micah & Mason from this scene at Chaos Men. I mean they're just 19 & 20 - for just about their entire lives bareback sex hasn't been all that dangerous or HIV all that scary. So why not go raw and enjoy sex the way god intended?

Micah is the tattooed one. Personally I think he's hotter than Mason, but I can see where you might think the reverse is true. Micah's a bit leaner, which I like, and all those tattoos at the young age of 20 shows he's been around the block a few times even at a young age (which explains why he's doing porn). Oh, and I like how he's sorta scruffy. I definitely have a thing for scruffy guys.

Mason is a beefy 19 y.o. who looks totally like the boy-next-door. I'm sure his mom and her friends think he's some angel - that is until they see he's bent over letting guys fuck him raw in a porn video for the whole world to see.

And I like how both of them are completely vers. More and more I'm thinking vers guys have more fun than strict tops and bottoms. Whatever the scene, they're into it. And since they flip, the fun goes on longer than if it were just one guy bottoming.

So which do you like better? Micah or Mason? You can see a whole bunch of scenes with each of them over a – head over and check them out! And if they're not quite your personal taste, there are tons of other hot guys over there for you to watch…

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