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Hot damn! these hot Asian twinks are playing dress up at and it's fucking hot. I love watching these little Asian twinks playing Doctor, it reminds me of days long long past, when playing proctologist was my favorite pastime. Dr. Twink Albert is really fucking cute, with his glasses and tiny frame are kind of cementing him in my head as an Asian Dougie Housser (back to the proctologist fantasy, YUMM). His patient Jimmy is no punk either, with his twinky body and super fuckable hole, he's the kind of patient any good doctor would love to check thoroughly.

Watching Dr. Twink get to work on his patient is hot, who doesn't get a hard on when a hot Doc comes into the room and starts feeling you up. I'm damn sure the last time I got a physical the Doc made the hernia test go on for way longer than was medically necessary(not that I minded his hands cupping my ball sack, I got a little hard and I KNOW, he did too!).  Jimmy looks like he's a little nervous getting his mouth wrapped around his docs stiff rod, but, he knows his place in the world like any good bottom bitch. Before long the Doc is using his medically sound rod to prod and examine his insides, and for the sake of medical accuracy it's a raw exam, we wouldn't want the doctor to miss a thing would we? The doctor in his infinite wisdom realizes the remedy for all of his patients problems is a good juicy cum elixir deep in his ass, and I bet you can guess what prescription Jimmy left with, AS MANY CUM LOADS AS HE CAN GET, :-D.

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