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I'm really happy to say it looks like Ben Huller is making a comeback. He was the top who was features on He had a style about him that was really pretty incredible - takes twink and young jock porn to a whole other level. He's a pretty aggressive top - he'll slap the bottoms, choke them, and there are times when he fucks them so hard they're in visible pain. Then he creams their hole and shoves back in. In other words, he totally just abuses the guys which is hot since he tends to be matched up with these adorable twinks and young jocks.

Problem was a few years ago Pop Boys stopped doing updates. It got sold to someone who was really unscrupulous - was slamming credit cards and not paying bills. Then it was sold to someone else who's a bit better, but they're still not doing updates. Still, if you're looking for porn with Ben Huller, Pop Boys is where you'll find the best collection of it.

A month or two ago I noticed Ben was in some scenes from, but they didn't know that he was pretty well known as Ben Huller so they just bullshitted and gave him names like Dimitri and Tommy.

When I was in Phoenix talking to people who shot bareback twink porn I kept talking about Ben Huller - telling them to get more aggressive/abusive with the twink bottoms - that porn like that would sell really well. Then when I got back I saw that Ben Huller posted on one of the gay webmaster boards - he was back and wanting to move from just modeling to producing and modeling. We chatted on Skype and I hooked him up with my best friend who puts sites together for producers like him. They haven't cemented a deal yet - he might work with a couple other people I suggested to him, but it looks like Ben Huller will be back soon in a big way.

In chatting with him I found out Ben is actually bisexual. That's probably why he's so rough with the bottoms he fucks - to him, the guys are just holes who exist for his pleasure. When Pop Boys stopped filming Ben actually went and did work in straight porn, but now he's back wanting to do gay porn again. Straight porn is typically very different - it's about the bottoms (the girls). I can see where Ben can be more of a star in gay porn. And since he likes rough sex it's probably more acceptable to slap around and choke a guy than it is to slap around and choke a girl (who's supposed to be the star of the scene).

If you want to see a few new scenes featuring Ben Huller, check out Just realize that they don't call him Ben Huller...

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