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I hear a lot of guys say that amateur porn is hotter than professional stuff that they think is over-produced. Well, if you're tired of the hunt for good amateur porn and like watching black guys, you should check out Harlem Hookups. It basically chronicles the life of a black versatile slut named Harlem who the site is named after. (It's not named after the neighborhood – which confused me initially since I was hoping to meet the guy since I live in Harlem). Most of the time it's just him, some other guy and a camera on a tripod. Definitely amateur porn, and it's pretty hot too!

In this scene Harlem has moved into a new apartment and wants to have sex in every room, so he has his buddy Jacob over and they fuck in the bathroom. You'd think it would be awkward fucking in such a small space, but they manage it and IMHO, it's one of the best scenes I've seen from him. Though I'm biased to the ones where he has good pics since I need those for blog posts.

You'd think on a site with a black guy the black guys would be the ones with a big dick. And Harlem does, indeed, have a big dick, but in this scene it's all about big white dick. You barely see Harlem's cock. He's in bottom mode and his dick doesn't count into the equation.

Harlem is a hot little nigga. Totally fuckable. I wish it were my cock sliding into that smooth black ass. And if it were I can tell you I wouldn't be pulling out to cum. That's about the only thing I don't like about this video. Black bottoms were made to be bred. You don't pull out when you fuck them.

If you're not familiar with definitely check it out – it's hot, authentic, raunchy bareback porn! (Plus some oral stuff – but he's pretty piggy in those scenes as well).

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