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I think just about every good bareback bottom out there wishes they could live a life like Blue Bailey's – I mean he gets fucked A LOT and take a hell of a lot of loads. To the point that whole videos are dedicated to him taking loads. And it's not just a one-time deal. In this scene from Raw Fuck Club Blue walks into a room and find 4 hungry tops who just wanna fuck. And just his luck, he's the only bottom to satisfy their sexual hunger! (Well, some of the guys do bottom - but apparently they weren't in the mood to bottom that day…)

The tops are Jessy Karson, Bandon Hawk, Morgan Black and Dominic Sol - sorta the perfect line up since they're all no-nonsense fuckers who know how to share a bottom. There are some really impressive dicks in that group as well. Like Brandon's mushroom head (though those have a habit of pulling out the cum of other tops that's in the bottom's ass), and the one in the pic immediately above. I'm not sure who's dick it is, but it looks like the perfect fuck stick to me!

So do you wish you had Blue Bailey's sex life? I bet you do. Until you manage to get as much dick as he does, head over to RawFuckClub.com and watch him and other hot bareback pigs take load after load up their holes. If nothing else it'll give you the inspiration to get out there and get some dick in your own ass…

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