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Marco Cruise sucking Jim Ferro's big cock
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Raw Fuck Club has the hottest guys in bareback porn. Period. End of story. This scene shows exactly what I'm talking about... It has Jim Ferro fucking Marco Cruise. I've met both of them in person when Dick Wadd shot some scenes at my place.

IMHO, Jim Ferro is one of the hottest tops out there. He's so hot I'd even bottom for it and put the video online for all to see. I don't care that he's poz. I don't care that there are rumors guys have gotten fuck flu and tested poz after he's rough fucked them with his Prince Albert. (If someone is going to poz me I'd love it to be someone like Jim Ferro.) I don't know that I could take his big dick and I seriously don't think I could take his PA (it would probably leave my hole a bloody mess), but I'd try if he was up for it.

Then there's Marco Cruise. Physically he's as hot a bottom as Jim Ferro is a top. I mean he's got a great body and I'd love to fuck him and breed his hole. Thing is he's a bit of a personal mess. He's got a nervous energy to him that I find distracting - it adds energy to a porn scene but would be weird 1-on-1. But if that could be removed (say with some sleeping pills) then I'd love to fuck him - he's got a totally hot body that would be a lot of fun to breed.

If you wanna see the absolute hottest in bareback porn I highly recommend - check it out! The guys are hot, the action is sleazy - it's just good all around ;)

Jim Ferro's raw dick pounding Marco's hole
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