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I think a lot of you would love a live where you could just quit your job and hang around an apartment and have guys drop by and fuck you all day. Well, that's essentially the idea behind Sketchy Sex where a bunch of cumdumps share an apartment.

In this scene a cumdump named Casey has quit his job and is moving into the apartment and one of his roommates welcomes him by fucking him as soon almost as he walks through the door. Nice welcome, eh?

I gotta say the bottom is really pretty cute. He's like the mamma's boy-next-door only instead of being eager to please mommy & daddy, he's eager to please tops who wanna fuck him. I love the pic at the top with him looking up expectantly at his top.

And the dick on the top is a thing of beauty. Nice, thick and just the right length to fill up a bottom without completely rearranging his intestines.

So would you quit your job if you could just hang around and take loads all day? Head over to to get a sense for what it means to be a full-time cumdump. The guys are hot and so is the action!

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