Smooth tattooed top gets his dick suckedDylan Saunders sits on Draven Torres' face and gets his hole rimmed
Tattooed guys buries his face in another guy's ass
Smooth top wearing Osiris fucks a bottom in ConverseDraven Torres concentrates as he fucks a bottom's hole

If you were worried that Tyler Reed's Breed Me Raw was going to suffer now that he's also producing for Raw Joxxx, well, this scene should put those fears to rest. I mean, IMHO, it doesn't get much hotter than Draven Torres. (Yes, I found yet another scene to feature with Draven – he's sort of all over the place these days).

So Tyler was a little worried about matching two guys up who were both primarily bottoms. But Draven stepped up to the bat (or, rather, stepped up with his bat) and everything went off perfectly. They say that guys who've bottomed make the best tops, and Draven sorta proves that point. He dives right in and eats out Dylan Saunders' hole and he looks so earnest in the pic above – like he's really concentrating and trying to get it right. I know it's just one of those random pics where he's caught mid-expression, but it's sorta cute.

The other thing about this scene that's notable is that they both keep their sneakers on. Dylan is wearing Converse high-tops, Draven has his brightly colored Osiris' on. He had them on his the Raw Fuck Club scene where he got fucked by Mike Dozer. They look good on him.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the collar Draven is wearing – he doesn't seem to wear it in most of the scenes he does, but knowing he's into S/M I figured there must be something behind it. Anyway, his friend says that he's not "collared" in the sense that someone owns him, but rather it's a symbol of a "pack" he's in – which is why he's free to take it off. If he were really collared he probably wouldn't even have the key. I know I've always wanted to own a collared slave. Any volunteers?

So head over to – it's still going strong with some really hot guys!  You'll like it ;)

Dylan Saunders legs up getting fucked
Top with smooth ass and hairy hole fucks a bottom barebackTatoooed Draven Torres fucks Dylan Saunders bareback
Dylan Saunder with a big smile on his face while he gets fucked raw by Draven Torres


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