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Good news for all you twink and young jock fans – the "live" part of Jason Sparks Live is coming back. They were doing live shows when the site first launched but they ended about a year ago. Well, cam shows are back and the first is on Sunday and it features one of the guys from their latest scene – Travis Stevens (the younger/thinner guy with no tattoo who's topping in the pic above).

As you can see in this scene where he's paired with Chad Porter (the slightly older, slightly more muscular, tattooed guy), Travis is vers – he can take it as well as give it. He's just 19 years old, so he's never really had a reason to rubber up so he loves going raw. And not just going raw, but taking loads. Watch the promo clip below and you'll see when Chad gets close he says "Yeah, Breed Me!" So despite the fact that he looks like a clean-cut mama's boy, he's actually a good bareback pig who loves having a cummy hole ;)

Usually live shows are the domain of the muscle sites, so it's good to see some bareback live shows happening. This first one will be solo, but going forward about half will be full on bareback sex shows where you can interact (via text) with the performers and/or the crew as it's happening. That should really set the site apart from the others where you only get to see stuff that was shot in a controlled environment.

The cam show is on Sunday, so head over and sign up on so you can start watching the shows. Should be fun ;)

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