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Nothing beats a good bareback group scene, especially when it involves multiple hot guys gangbanging one single slutty bottom. I feel like watching a bottom get his ass pounded raw by multiple cocks one after the other, and the tops sticking their dicks in the same hole someone else just filled with cum really captures the spirit of the bareback lifestyle. In this scene, Drew Sumrock from Raw Fuck Club gets his ass fucked by Matt Sizemore, Antonion Biaggi (and his huge dick), Dylan Hyde and Morgan Black all at once.

There’s a lot going on in this scene and everything about it is fucking hot! Drew starts by sucking off the guys, trying to give proper attention to each of the cocks slapping against his face. He tries to please every cock with his mouth as things get heated up and everyone is soon either forcing their cocks into Drew’s throat or making out with each other as he jerks them off. After everyone’s satisfied with his mouth it’s time for the real thing, and they all want to pound his slut ass. Drew gets bent over and fucked over and over by one of our guys as the other 3 watch, eagerly waiting for their turns the scene reaches its peak as he gets on a swing and they get to fuck him raw as moans occasionally escape his cock-filled mouth.

Everyone gets their turn, and then some! By the end of the scene Drew has a giddy smile on his face and we can see how hard his tight asshole has been worked out, taking load after load of hot cum all over it while the four tops are all satisfied and exhausted by the end of the gangbang.

One of the best things about group scenes is that no matter how hard you tried to watch everything that happened, there’s always something that you missed and I know you’ll have fun watching the scene over and over making sure you didn’t miss anything! Head over to RawFuckClub.com for the entire scene, other fantastic gangbangs and more!

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