Tattooed guy massages a naked guy's ass
Masseur spreads a guy's ass to show his hole
Bearded tattooed thin guy gets his ass rimmed
Tattooed guy gets his face pissed onTattooed guy pisses on himself

If you think sex is either sensual & romantic OR sleazy, then this scene from will prove you wrong. It features, as always, Devin Totter (get it?) paired with heavily tattooed Michael Phoenixxx.

They'd been having sex all weekend with other guys (which, unfortunately, you can tell by the lackluster cumshots at the end), but finally they had some time to themselves, so they turned the camera on and went at it. But it wasn't a jump-right-into-sex sorta scene. Instead Michael gave Devin a nice, slow massage, which (as you might expect) started getting frisky when Michael started playing with Devin's hole, and then Devin started jacking on Michael's nice-sized dick. Next thing you know they were 69ing each other…

But it's not like they gave up being kinky just because they were being sensual. They went into the bathroom where Devin pissed all over Michael, and then Michael pissed all over himself. Then when they were fucking Devin at one point started choking Michael, and then later Michael grabbed a dirty sock and held it to his nose. And Devin wasn't exactly gentle with Michael. There are parts where Devin has, shall we say, a wonderfully excruciating feeling ;)

So next time you're hooking up with one of your fuck buddies, try slowing it down a little and bringing some sensuality into your sex. After all, a lot of vanilla guys like bareback specifically because it's more intimate – there's a greater connection to the the guy you're having sex with. That connection can be a lot more than just getting his cum in your ass!

If you like young, hairy, kinky guys, head over to Deviant Otter and check it out – you'll like it!

Top whispers in bottom's ear as he rough fucks him
Top chokes bottom as he fucks him
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