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I've always had fantasies of frat brothers hazing incoming freshmen. Just imagining some of the supposed non-sexual stuff I've heard about has been homo-erotic enough to get me boned! In this scene, with 3 jocks and 3 nerdy guys, SD Boy has given me my wish. This is the type of frat house I wish I could have joined. More hole than you can shake your cock at. Or would that be more cock than you can shake your ass at? Either way, guzzling cum and being seeded by my sponsor as he intoxicates me with as much DNA as he can pump into me would have been loads and loads of fun. Only to then turn around and pass the gift of brotherhood on to the younger ones as they become the newest members of our exclusive club: The Brotherly Protein Exchange.

Once you've passed the Elder Brothers initiation rites you're supposedly a fellow Brother. But between you and me, you're not truly a frat Brother until you've got their DNA flowing through your veins. Not all the boys in this scene fuck raw but perhaps if the others see how good the barebackers feel, maybe they'll jump on the wagon and ride some raw dick. Get initiated by some dirty frat boys and visit!

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