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It's been too long since I did a post for Chaos Men. Mea culpa, 'cause it's a great site… Chaos was one of the first muscle guy sites to go bareback. They work with a lot of "str8" guys some of which just want to be tops, but there are others who are fine with getting fucked (isn't that sorta the definition of bisexual?).

In this scene two "str8" guys, who'd only worked with other straight guys, were teamed with a gay power bottom named Gerin. The producer wasn't quite sure how the straight guys would react to a gay guy (why I don't know – unless gay-for-pay guys don't like the real thing – an out gay man). Anyway, everything went just fine. However, Gerin found that he wasn't quite as much of a power bottom as he thought he was. He wanted the straight guys to double fuck him. He'd done DP before, but the times he did it before it was with guys who weren't as big as these guys and this time it didn't last too long and his hole was rather beat up and sore afterwards.

One of the "straight" guys, Eli, likes getting fucked from time to time. (Showing that gay/straight are about the relationships you have, not the sex you have). While Gerin in the primary bottom, there is one point where the three guys do a fuck sandwich with Eli fucking Gerin and Taylor (the other top), fucking Eli.

In the end both of the straight guys unload on Gerin's sore, gaping hole and then one of them shoves the loads into Gerin's ass. Which is how it should be – gay guys should be cumdumps for straight guys. Since there are way more straight guys than gay guys that makes sure that gay guys get plenty of cum in their asses…

So which of these guys would you most want to hookup with? For me, it's Taylor. IMHO, he's really beautiful. But of course I'd want to fuck him. Maybe I'd promise him he could fuck me if he'd let me fuck him. ;)  Whatever it takes to get my load in his ass, right?

Head over to and see them in full-on action… The guys over there are really pretty incredibly hot!

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