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Today's Urban Dictionary word of the day is "Wigger" – basically white boys who are wanna be black boys. And what better way to prove your love of all things black than to offer your ass to every nigga you come across? That's pretty much what the wigga goes in this scene from  Harlem Hookups.

Thing is, Harlem (the black guy in the scene – not the neighborhood I live in) has a thing for white boys. Look at him in that first pic, on his knees servicing the wigga. Then he climbs on the wigga's dick and takes a ride.

So here we have a white boy that wants to become "black by injection" (literally) and a black boy who wants to become "white by injection". But hey, who are we to judge? And frankly if everyone were like these two guys things like Ferguson wouldn't be happening so much. I mean interracial sex leads to more harmony between the races, right? Maybe that's why I've been featuring so much interracial sex lately ;)

Do you have the hots for guys from other races? Then you'll like – Go check it out! Not to mention, Harlem is just a great, vers slut who should be a role model for all you aspiring pigs…

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