A hairy Alan Gregory is fucking the smooth Brad Slater
Brad Slater, in heaven in a sling
Hairy top with a goatee about to fuck a smooth pig

To a point you can often spot total sluts a mile away. There's just something about them – something in their eyes. But that's true of only some sluts. Brad Slater is the "guy next door" type who you'd probably never know is a total cumdump bottom. Case and point is this video from TIMFuck where he throws his legs in the air and lets two guys fuck him and breed him. And he's clearly loving every minute of it. And this wasn't a one-time deal – if you look on the Internet this isn't the only time he's done this basic premise.

I like it when I encounter a clean cut cumdump. The only issue is often they've got genuinely busy lives and scheduling a hookup is a hassle. But there's something about breeding some guy other people look up to and respect that's sorta cool. I mean – if only those people knew what a big slut he was behind closed doors – what would they think of him?

I wish sex weren't so taboo. I mean who cares if your boss got fucked by 10 big black dicks the night before and the loads are still oozing out of his ass when he gets into work? Does it change how well he can manage you? Hell, it might even improve it if he starts using his ass to reward you for good work!

In case you were interested… The black guy's name is either Joe or Paris – I'm seeing both names used by TIM. And the hairy otter top is Alan Gregory. Both look like they're great tops – sorta the perfect sized dicks – big enough that you feel it, but not so big that they tear you up or anything. (Though something tells me Brad's hole could take much bigger without much trouble).

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