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Black guys on "the DL" (the Down Low) are always interesting to hookup with. They're very compartmentalized. They want gay sex. Hell, they need gay sex. But they're ashamed to admit it. They're probably fucking girls on the side to reinforce their self-worth. When I look at these pics from that's what I see in their eyes.

For starters there's "Dee Light" – the guy with the shaved head and goatee. Of course, his name reminds me of Deee-Lite, the group that did "Groove Is In The Heart" back in the day, but I doubt he's old enough to remember them. Maybe his parents conceived him while Groove Is In The Heart was playing in the background (though Deee-Lite was more of a white/Hispanic thing, and not really sex music).

Anyway, looking at Dee Light I totally see some guy on the DL. Hell, even his initials are DL ;) In the pics you see he likes having his ass rimmed, and when the other guy (Zoe) needs to cum he turns into a total cocksucker – even offers his ass to Zoe and Zoe comes all over his hole. You can tell he's hungry to take loads, but that's about as far as he'll let it go – he won't actually get fucked. He wants to bottom and be more vers, but his DL shtick won't let him "be the bitch", he's gotta "be a man". In his world you can "be a man" and still fuck a guy, you just can't take dick.

Then there's Zoe. He's moved past all that and just loves gay sex. He probably comes out of the same repressed milieux, but he's learned to just get over it and have fun. He loves rimming ass. He's probably a great top, if the guy lets him, and clearly he's an awesome bottom. I mean I'd totally fuck him. I love lean, muscley, black boy bottoms. They're great to hookup with. So hungry for dick and cum.

But remember, the whole DL thing is the reason why African American women have really high rates of HIV. In their culture it's not OK to be gay, so their boyfriends and husbands represses it, and don't talk about it. They don't get tested and bring it home to their women. That's not good for anyone. Yeah, it's hot to fuck them and cum in their ass, but they really should be true to themselves. Honesty really is the best policy. If you're a pig, just be a pig. It's better and healthier for you and the people around you.

But hey, it's a process, and they won't get to the end of their process unless guys are willing to fuck them and cum in their asses. It's only then that they can understand the piggy hunger they have deep inside. So head over to Traphouse Boys and support the guys on the DL. Then find a real one to fuck and breed!

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