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Handsome studs form Eastern Europe having bareback fun is always fucking hot to watch, although at first I found it strange to find this video at SD Boy, a site we all know for shooting in San Diego. It seems that they’re adding more variety to their scenes which might be related to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation trying to shut down bareback porn producers based in California, which really fucking sucks. But I don’t think any of us have any complaints on more variety to the site’s scenes and actors if it’s like any like this scene! David and Thomas have great bodies, handsome looks and big cocks and this is one of the best scenes I’ve seen at their site.

We all know how strict and punishing boot camp can be on new recruits, and it doesn’t seem to be any different in Eastern Europe. When Thomas finds David napping he decides to take matters into his own hands, stripping him out of his clothes and giving him a good wank as he takes off his military uniform. When they’re both undressed, Thomas feeds his fat cock to David, who seems overjoyed at his superior’s idea of a punishment. Thomas plays with David’s cock, playfully jerking it off as he gets his own cock sucked. Things heat up as Thomas sucks his lover’s cock, licking it all over, not missing a single spot before sucking on his balls and giving him a rim job right after, making sure David’s tight hole is wet and ready for taking his cock. Thomas lays back and lets David ride his cock as he grabs him by the hips and bounces him up and down his thick cock. These two fuck hard and long until they’re both satisfied and I won’t spoil how this scene ends but you can tell just by looking at this two that it’s bound to be fucking hot.

This scene was unexpected, but it’s fucking hot! Hopefully we’ll get more great quality videos from, remember to pay them a visit and check this entire video and all their other works!

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