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So there's a new black bareback site that launched recently and it looks like it's pretty good – I sent them some t-shirts to use in their shoots and I gotta say they put the rawTOP t-shirt on exactly the right top…

The top is Mr Cali and if you watch the video you'll see, despite being a younger black thug, he's very much like me when it comes to sex. First off, blowjobs don't really seem to do much for him. He doesn't get instantly hard and stay rock hard while he's getting sucked. Second, he really LOVES to eat ass. I don't mean a polite rimming – he really gets into it – which is totally like me. And he fucks a lot like me as well. He just shoves it in and doesn't really care about the comfort of the bottom. In his case the bottom had his face smashed up against a wall. Mr Cali didn't really care whether that was comfortable or not – his needs were all that were important to him in the moment. The bottom was just a hole to fuck. And he likes breeding thin black cumdumps. So a lot more like me than you'd expect…

The bottom is Maurio Long. You can just tell he's a really great service-oriented bottom. In that way he totally lives up to the Breeding Zone t-shirt they put on him. I mean I'd totally love to fuck him – I love small skinny sub bottoms.

If you're wondering what a Traphouse is, it's a crack house. Which is sorta funny since I live in a building that used to be a crack house. So I've got that in common with the scene as well. Though that couch isn't crappy enough to be in a traphouse. Needless to say, with a name like Traphouse Boys, they're gonna keep it rough and thuggy.

This scene isn't up on on the site yet, but it should be soon. So, if you like your porn stars thuggy, definitely head over and check out Traphouse Boys. I think you'll really like it.

Mr Cali tongue fucking a black assThuggy top licking a willing ass
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