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Tattooed top Drew Sebastian fucks a bound bottom with his huge cock

A lot of you think of yourselves as submissive bottoms, but would you let a top immobilize you in a way that both of your holes are available to him (or whoever he invites to use you)? Well, Luke Bennet from TIMFuck is that kind of submissive bottom…

Rope bondage / suspension like you see in this video is actually pretty tricky to get right. If you let a top tie you up like this, make sure he knows what he's doing. Knots should not create pressure points on you (easier said than done), and the top has to constantly watch you to make sure you're OK. But Drew Sebastian seems to know how to do it right. And with his HUGE hard dick he's just about a perfect S/M top!

And Luke Bennet, besides showing submissive bottoms what submissiveness really is, is cute as hell. He looks like some pretty frat boy who is being hazed and loving every minute of it.

Like what you see? Check out the full video over at – they're the gold standard in bareback porn…

Masculine top fucks a bottom with a huge cock
Drew Sebastian about to blow a load from his huge dick
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