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I'm a little torn about this post with a scene from

First, the official producers are Next Door Studios, but I suspect they've actually sub-contracted out the filming 'cause Next Door has a longstanding reputation for being condom-only, and Scary Fuckers is a bareback site. Either that or Next Door has changed their policy in a big way (which is a good thing).

Second, what really gives me pause is that Next Door is very anti-poz - they're the ones that wouldn't let Mason Wyler even do safe sex with condoms when he converted.

And lastly, the other thing is how they present the videos on the site. They're marketing a hardcore bareback site and the promo pictures initially didn't even show guys touching - they would just be these S&M (Stand & Model) shots with things like simulated blowjobs. They're showing more now, but the site name is all wrong - there's nothing scary about the guys on the site. Maybe they're just thinking "bareback, how scary"... To which folks like us just think "get over it and get on with the fucking..."

So those are all the reasons why you shouldn't bother with the site, but at the end of the day, the guys are hot, and they are barebacking... In this scene you've got tattooed, uncut muscle top Jack Dragon fucking bottom boy Enrico Belaggio who's a hot little muscle boy / soon to be muscle man. The guys are clearly professionals and good at their job - just watch the video below and you'll see Jake is "good at his job". He gets in there and sucks dick and rims ass like the best of them. After they get started Mickey joins in and double fucks Enrico with Jack. The scene description I got says Enrico got two loads in his ass - which means they're not just playing with barebacking - they're doing it right.

So forget the dumb/inappropriate name and check out  the hot muscle guys on Scary Fuckers...

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