Lean guy gets a blowjob from a scruffy beareded dude.
Tattooed top feels a up a bottom's ass as he gives him a blowjob on a roof
Beefy ass get fingered
Bareback public sex on a rooftop

Are you a proud enough bareback pig to have sex in a public place where anyone can see you. No doubt it takes guts to do that, but that's exactly what Ivan Rueda (the bearded and tattooed guy) & "David" did, not once, but twice over at Wurst Film Club. I've combined the scenes into one post 'cause they're the same guys in the same place. In one David is a total top. In the other they flip fuck.

But it goes beyond that, if you Google Ivan's name you'll see that he's a fashion model. Mind you, a rather edgy one, but still there's nothing discreet about getting fucked on a roof in view of other buildings. The guy is clearly a pig and 120% proud of it. I just wish that level of sexuality were more normal. Of course it doesn't hurt that they're in Berlin – which seems to be the raunchy sex capital of the world these days. All I can say is I gotta go there sometimes soon. Looks like I'm missing out on a whole bunch of fun ;)

So head over to WurstFilmClub.com and see how proud pigs demonstrate their love of bareback sex. Then find a way to mimic their role model and be a proud pig yourself!

Beefy wet ass getting fucked on a rooftop
Bottom sniffs poppers as he gets fucked on a public rooftop for all to see
Scruff bottom Ivan Rueda spreads his ass to get fucked deeper