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I remember AGES ago when I'd watch bareback porn there was Sean Storm taking loads like a hungry cumdump. That was back in the era when barebacking was considered a death wish and only the most hardcore pigs would be cumdumps so publicly. Well, once a cumdump, always a cumdump… Sean Storm is still at it 15 years later (I looked it up - his first video was in 2000). This scene is from Raw Fuck Club's Monster Cock series, which is available on both RFC and  rawTOP.tv.

And just as you'd expect of a seasoned cumdump like Sean he's not just in one scene, but two on this DVD. A 1-on-1 with Brett Bradley (shown above) and a gangbang (shown below) with Cory Koons, Jimmie Slater, and Brett Bradley (again). Needless to say after 15 years of being a cumdump he has zero problem taking all those monster cocks.

When I first saw the cocksucking pic below I wondered if Sean had an issue with meth and I wrote as much in my initial blog post. But he contacted me and said he's been drug-free for 5 years now (which I think is super and a great example to all you hardcore pigs out there). The "look" you see is simply because the cocksucking he was doing was rough on him and his eyes started getting bloodshot, etc. Basically his body reacted to the stress and made him look tired and run down (which is often how meth users look). So my mistake. I'm just glad to know he's now a happy, healthy pig who no longer needs chemicals to get piggy ;)

See more hot pigs in action at rawTOP.tv and Raw Fuck Club! You really can be a cumdump decade after decade. It's just best to avoid the addiction issue in the process…

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