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I hate meth. I really and honestly do. With all the hysteria about barebacking and HIV, when was the last time you heard about someone dying of AIDS. I mean it happens and having HIV is no fun. But compare that to the last time you heard about someone dying of from meth. Meth keeps killing. You only hear about the porn stars that die of it, but for every porn star that dies there are tons of other regular guys that are dying.

The latest in meth's victims seems to be Scott Robert Brewster, aka "Sewperman". He appeared in a bunch of videos for a few different porn companies. (He's the top in this scene from Raw Fuck Club.) He was a good piggy barebacker - just the type of guy that people like to watch and have sex with in real life.

The official cause of death was a heart attack. But it's rare for a young guy to just have a heart attack out of the blue. Heart attack is usually caused by some form of drug use. I don't actually know for certain it was indeed meth that killed Sewperman, but when you have people saying things like this

"I hired Scott for a fun session last January. He was a hot bb fuck, we had a good time. But he was smoking meth, and I got the sense he did a lot of it."

…then it's HIGHLY likely he died as a result of meth use. It's not like the guy saying that had an ax to grind - he liked Scott and had a good time with him.

People, I feel like I've said it a thousand times, but METH KILLS. If you use meth make sure you control it, not it controls you. Unless your a dom top or a very controlling bottom chances are it controls you. Don't underestimate the effect it has on your life - it could kill you.

Anyway, Sewperman was a hot guy. It's too bad another good piggy barebacker had to die. It's sorta senseless.

And about this particular scene - that's William West Sewperman is fucking. To me he's even hotter than Sewperman. I'd love to breed him.

Check out the full scene over at And no, it's not wrong to jack off to dead porn stars. It's celebrating their life. Instead of raising a champagne glass to his life - blow a nice big load :)

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