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Young love can be a funny thing – especially when it's between two porn stars and they're both teens. Apparently Evan Parker and Andy Taylor from Helix Studios had a rather long, 9 month relationship (long = 9 months? lol) after which they broke up. And of course they're both dating again – and they're dating other porn stars once again. (As if the pool of eligible boyfriends is only made up of fellow porn stars - lol).

Anyway, they're great friends now and what's a little sex between friends? And since they dated, who needs condoms? Apparently they can both cum twice in a session – especially when the guy is as hot as their ex.

But all this begs the question – they look 18/19. Exactly how old were they when they were dating? Or maybe they're a little older and still lucky enough to continue to look like teens.  Speaking of looking like teens – their somewhat small cocks just accentuate the whole teen look – they look like little boy cocks. If they want to stay in porn that may be an issue as they get older. If they just want to bottom it's not a big problem, but would you guys really want to watch a 35 y.o. top with a dick their size?

But it's undeniable that they're both incredibly cute. I love the fact that guys like them are creating great bareback role models for gay kids that are growing up. BUT I took a look at the other scenes Helix has put up recently and I'm sad to say there's a lot of condom scenes in the mix. But the Helix boys are so fuckin' cute… I can only hope and more and more take off their rubbers and fuck the way god intended – raw!

So while there may not be a ton of bareback stuff over at HelixStudios.com, the bareback scenes that are there are incredibly hot and worth checking out. If you love young guys, you'll love Helix.

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