Kriss sucking Risto's dick while Roman raw fucks his hole
Hard raw dick slamming into Kriss's tight ass
Kriss sucking Risto's cock while Roman pounds his tight ass

I wish Tim Tales would do away with using condoms in there videos altogether, because when they do feature bareback videos, like this one, they're really good.

In this clip, Hot Bareback Bottom Kriss, a favorite at TimTales, gets worked over by two hot men with nice big dicks.  Risto, the top with the shaved head, starts off fucking Kriss's face, while manly, fuck-machine Roman Karloff starts on the other end riding his hungry man pussy.  Roman's cock is a perfect length for fucking bare on video; you can watch as every  inch slides in and out, skin on skin. Just like it should be.

Risto soon takes a turn working over Kriss' hole, but the highlight really cums when both men are double fucking him.   If you've ever tried double fucking a bottom, or getting double fucked, it's a hell of a lot of fun,  but it takes a lot of coordination, yet Kriss seems to have no problem taking both of these big slabs of meat at the same time. That's a skillful hole that would be a lot of fun to seed.  Check out the picture below showing those hot, raw cocks pressed together by that sweet hole.  They just look like they belong there. Bottoms take note: Learn how to take dick like that!  You won't be sorry and we'll make sure you get filled up with twice the cum.

So go watch the rest of this video at  The more of us watching their bareback videos, the more they will realize the condoms just get in the way of a great scene.

Two fat raw dicks fucking the same tight hole
Kriss double raw fucked by Roman Karloff and Risto
Kriss is fed a wad of cum

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