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The other day I was watching Gerontophilia on Netfix. It's about a teenager who's into really old guys. I have to say it was a little painful to watch at times 'cause I just can't imagine really being into guys who are in their 70s and 80s. I mean, would I think less of a bottom who backed up onto the dick of an old guy in a sex club or bathhouse? No. But to really get into "granddads" is another thing completely.

While the bottom (Vince Stewart) in this scene from Hairy & Raw isn't as old as the kid in Gerontophilia, and the top (Martin Pe) isn't as old as the old guy in the film was, it still sorta reminded me of the film. I'm guessing Vince is mid-30s and Martin is 60ish, maybe low 60s. So nearly twice Vince's age, and definitely old enough to be Vince's daddy.

Then there's the whole chub issue in this scene. I know some of you are into chubs, but it's just not my thing, and my own personal history tells me that it's not healthy either. But you don't stop being horny when you're heavy, so we have chub porn… And for some guys it's really hot. Do I share their excitement for it? No, but that doesn't really matter one way or the other.

That said, Martin Pe does have a really thick cock, and it's uncut too. It's sort of an unusual cock – tons of loose skin. And it's so spongey – I wonder if he pumps his dick a lot. I used to do that, but then had problems with blood blisters. But it looks like it's been recently pumped.

And Martin's kissing style in that first pic – he seems to really like sloppy kisses. I mean that's a lot of tongue going on there! Personally I'm more of a "polite kisser" but I know some guys really get into sloppy kisses…

So even if you're like me and not really into scenes like this, you gotta give Hairy & Raw credit for producing porn that isn't the mainstream body beautiful sorta porn. And it's working. My husband and I sat down with the owner and sometimes producer for Bear Films last weekend when we were in Montréal and he said he was really happy with how sales are going. In fact they're so good he doesn't quite understand it. Personally I think it's because he's producing good quality stuff that there isn't a lot of out there.

So, if you like bear/chub porn and/or scenes with granddad type guys, you gotta check out They've been stepping up their game lately and doing a really good job with things all while staying true to their niche…

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