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//This post is about two scenes which apparently happened back to back over a weekend Lucas Entertainment threw in Upstate New York. One scene is above, the other below. The only difference is that scene below has Rafael Carreras and the other didn't, so I'm combining them into one post.I gotta say this is my idea of a great weekend. Imagine a house full of hot guys who just casually have sex with each other. You're only seeing a fraction of what happened in the pics here. But it looks like they had a lot of fun. And of course there were no condoms used at any point that weekend. It woulda spoiled all the fun...The guys are mostly ex-condom porn stars. I picked the scene in part because Draven Torres is in it (lol - notice the gratuitous solo pic of his ass below). He got fucked a lot that weekend from the looks of it. You can see him in the pics above at the head of a bareback chain fuck and sucking dick. But you can see in the video below he gets some top action in as well. He's not sporting his mohawk in these scenes and he looks so incredibly different. He almost looks geeky in some of the pics. I almost didn't recognize him!Jed Athens is the big power bottom for the weekend, which makes sense 'cause it was his birthday weekend. He's the guy getting double fucked in the pics below, but at the same time he's the top fucking Draven in the pic immediately above. I love seeing (vers) bottoms like Draven take loads from power bottoms. The whole Bareback Brotherhood concept is really in effect when cumdumps breed cumdumps. It's what our community is all about – giving and taking loads. Hell, even I'm taking some loads these days.Moving on… Marcus Isaacs is the really hairy guy. Looks like he trimmed his hair, which is too bad. While I'm fine with shaving a back and trimming pubes a little, other parts should be hairy - even furry IMHO. Seems like Lucas still has some work to do to get their bareback porn to feel completely natural. Plucked or overly manscaped just don't work very well with bareback porn. Agree?Then there's Shane Frost. He's the smooth(ish) muscle stud getting his dick sucked by Draven in one duo pic above. Hot guy. Of the four guys who are in both scenes I think he's the only total top. Notice he's in the rear (top) position on the daisy chain fuck.And lastly there's Rafael Carreras. The smooth top with the huge dick who's just in the scene below. Is he Latino or Italian? I can't quite tell. But that dick of his is pretty incredible. He could be fat and ugly and guys would still line up to get fucked by that incredible piece of meat.What I love about this scene is that, unlike the big Belami orgy, these guys are mostly vers and they don't just couple up like they seem to in the Belami scene. It seems everyone has sex with everyone else. By the end of the weekend all the guys who were primarily bottoms had been fucked by all the guys who primarily topped, and plenty of guys both gave and received.It's worth noting that I had lunch with Jett Black the other day. He works for Lucas and he was telling me how they literally threw out the playbook when they started filming bareback. To their credit they understand that a lot of what they used to do for condom porn just isn't right for bareback. So they're experimenting. They're being quite methodical about it but their goal is to really shoot some of the best bareback porn out there. These scenes are part of that experimentation process and I gotta say I like where they're going and look forward to what will come next.Head over to LucasEntertainment.com and check it out. I think it'll soon be a powerhouse in bareback porn, though it would be nice if they'd stop filming scenes with condoms, but I understand that they have a large established base of customers who are accustomed to seeing it.

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