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A lot of really big sites have gone bareback the last year or so. Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Broke Straight Boys, even Kristen Bjorn just went bareback. And of course Chaos Men went bareback a while ago now. They're all "pretty boy" sites for lack of a better term. So what does it really mean for sites like that to go bareback? Personally I think it's huge - let me explain why…

Back in the early '90s all the bareback porn was either 1) left over stuff from the '80s or 2) rather raunchy porn with guys who often looked pretty sick. I used to scan the HDK DVD covers looking for healthy guys who were bottoming. I'd jack off thinking about the risk they were taking as they let guys breed them. Of course, they had taken the risk a long time before and were already poz, but it was like they relived the experience on film (over and over again).

Bottom line bareback porn in the early '90s = poz porn and because HIV was still very much a killer poz/bareback porn was highly controversial. Eroticizing barebacking meant eroticizing HIV and that was seen as completely irresponsible.

In 1996 ARVs (anti-retrovirals) changed all of that. Suddenly people stopped dying and the rules of the game changed. That allowed for a new kind of bareback porn which was lead by Treasure Island Media - which was founded in 1998 - two years after the advent of ARVs. Paul Morris initially termed his porn "documentary" in nature. From my perspective his goal was the document the sex lives of poz cumdumps. The message was pretty clear - if you're poz, make the most of a bad situation and enjoy yourself. Ostensibly it was making poz guys feel better about themselves, but it also made neg guys envy the sex lives of poz guys, which in turn eroticized HIV.

As a neg guy back then maybe envy wasn't quite the right term. At first I'd look at videos like "What I Can't See" (1999) and there was a sense of shock. But then it sinks in that being blindfolded and taking anonymous load after anonymous load is actually pretty hot. Even if the neg guy was watching was only willing to be a top - he wanted to be part of that scene.

BUT the guys still looked a bit sick - or at least not very healthy. It didn't break the idea that barebacking was what "dirty sluts" did. And I don't mean dirty sluts in the romanticized way we think about that term now. Back then the term was said with real revulsion. But still the videos made us want to at least dip our toes in the pool and experience what we saw in some way.

Then Dawson's 20 Load Weekend came out in 2004. That was the first time a genuinely "hot" guy appeared as a cumdump in a video. I really think D20LW was the predecessor to all the big sites going bareback. It was a long hard road and it took 7 to 9 years, but many of them have come around.

Thing is, Dawson was poz and the guys in sites listed above are almost always neg. The last thing those sites want is one of their models becoming poz on set. They test pretty rigorously for HIV, but still some of them are going pretty nasty. Some of the pics and videos I've seen come out of Sean Cody rival Treasure Island in nastiness of action - I mean their guys come across as real cumpigs who are all about breeding, taking loads, and even somewhat rough sex. They'll do internal cumshots and then have the bottom push it out, etc.

So yeah, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, etc. have gone into bareback - sometimes raunchy bareback, but what does that mean really? I mean their sets are totally "safe" - so you gotta wonder what what the effect will be on the guys watching their porn.

I'll make a prediction - we're going to see a dramatic increase in regular guys barebacking in their every day lives. And not just barebacking, but really get into a cum and breeding fetish where the load has to go up the bottom's ass or it's not good sex. That's what they're seeing on their computer screens and they think it's hot. If they didn't think it was hot the studios wouldn't have felt it necessary to go bareback and raunchy in the first place.

And what about the models? If you've ever given a load or taken one up your ass - it's addictive. At first you say "just with my boyfriend". Then you say "just with guys I trust". Then you say "just with guys who say they're neg". Then you say "Well, undetectable guys are safe, right". Then you just need a load in your ass and you think "what they hell - I'm already taking risk - it's gonna happen anyway" and you start letting anyone and everyone fuck you raw. There are many reasons why that process can get slowed, but as many of us know it's a one-way street. I think the guys we see doing work for these pretty boy studios today will be working for TIM, Dark Alley and the other poz studios soon enough.

So personally I don't think we can underestimate the effect of the pretty boy studios going bareback and raunchy. I think it'll result in a tidal wave of barebacking in the next 2 to 5 years and probably a substantial increase in HIV infections shortly thereafter (unless PrEP becomes widespread).

These pretty boy studios are doing some incredible advertising for the Bareback Brotherhood (#BBBH) lifestyle. Let's hope the even more studios join their ranks. I dream of a day when barebacking is just regular sex once again.

In the meantime, head over to and some of the other sites mentioned to see some hot jocks giving and taking loads.

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