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I gotta say I'm a bit jealous of Andre Barclay and Sage Daniels from I was sorta just born at the wrong time. When I was figuring my sexuality out I had two things against me 1) I was in a fundamentalist family, and 2) it was the mid 80s and the height of all the AIDS hysteria. I totally wish I had been going through all of that 15 years later like Andre and Sage (who are both 24).

Today you just fuck you you want, take the loads you want, give the loads you want... If I were their age I'd be fucking left and right and having a blast. Yeah, I'd be poz 'cause I was versatile when I was their age, but honestly I wouldn't really care - it would be all about swapping those sweet loads of cum...

But I'm jealous of Andre and Sage for another reason - they're roommates who are fuck buddies. How fuckin' lucky is that? I mean it's sorta the ideal arrangement. You get a hole or dick whenever you need one and there's none of the monogamy bullshit that you have to work out with boyfriends. Or maybe one of them comes home from a night at the bathhouse and the other one gets to eat load after load of anonymous cum out of his roommate's ass... Dude - that's a SWEET arrangement...

So whether your their age and want to learn a lesson or two about what it means to have a good roommate, or your older and want to fantasize about what it would be like to be their age - Head over to Breed Me Raw and check out the full video...

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