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Do any of you guys remember Cobra Videos? I LOVED that studio back in the day. It's how Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, etc. got started. They had some really young guys on there. In fact Brent Corrigan was a bit too young in some of the videos and they had to pull the videos off the store shelves. Well Helix Studios is following in Cobra's footsteps (though hopefully their models are all 18+).

I know some of you aren't into young twinks, but I am and I gotta say this is one of the hotter scenes I've seen recently. I mean some 18 year olds just look younger than 18 and you've got two of those in this scene - really young looking bottom boy Matthew Keading and almost as young looking top Jacob Dixon. It's sorta pervy watching them, but it's not like it's fair to them to say they can't work just because they look younger than they are. Right?

Personally I don't have a problem with the fact that teens are sexual. It's part of growing into an adult. I think kids should be encouraged to experiment sexually with each other. I mean I'm fine with guys messing around with each other even before they can shoot their wads. Some states/countries have ages of consent down around 14/15 - those sorta make sense to me with one condition - that any coercion on the part of an adult is treated as rape - maybe the penalties are doubled or something. But sex is normal and healthy. IMHO we shouldn't suppress it.

Porn is another matter though - an age of 17 or 18 probably makes sense there unless it's amateur and no adult is involved. To me it makes no sense that kids are arrested for child porn because they took a pic of themselves or a friend.

But I'm getting off-topic. Let's talk about barebacking and teens. Since I think it's good for kids to start sex young (especially with each other). It makes sense that they learn to take loads pretty early too. I mean Matthew's ass just looks so perfect with that raw cock sliding in and out of it. What top wouldn't want to fuck him? I know I'd love to have my cum leaking out of his ass!

So there we have it - sex with each other early. Sex with adults a little later. That way they'll be nice and piggy and for the porn shoot on their 18th birthday!

Wanna see more porn with barely legal teens? Check out - they have the young guys you're looking for. It's not all bareback, but it's pretty damn hot!

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