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At the end of last year Leo Giamani posted the following on a different porn blog:

I would also like everyone to be aware that I have not done any bareback scenes in over 100 days. [snip] I want everyone to be aware that I will never do any type of bareback scene again. I want everyone to know that I always use condoms in my personal life. In additon, I have only performed bareback sex in videos which were done with disease free models whose tests were recent and verified.

Yet the bareback videos with Leo still keep coming out - including ones like the last one I posted where Leo is getting fucked (it's one thing to be a bb top, and quite another to be a bb bottom). I suppose they might have been "in the pipeline" and these were all shot before mid-September of last year (100 days before his 12/28 statement), but I keep expecting them to stop and they keep coming. So enjoy them while you can.

Personally though - how many of you guys who've barebacked want to go back to condoms? I gotta wonder now that he's had a taste of how fucking is supposed to feel how long he can hold out using condoms in his personal life?

In this scene he's paired with Jesse Dalton. Jesse Dalton is hot, to be sure, but not in the way Leo is hot. Jesse is more of a "regular guy" where Leo is more of a body beautiful hunk/jock. In that way it's a bit of an odd pairing. I like contrast but usually bigger contrast like a twink with a skanky old man...  ;)

So for those of you regular Joe's out there who think you're not hot enough to have sex with someone like Leo Giamani - think again! The fact of the matter is "hot" guys (I hate that term, but you know what I mean) often hookup with regular guys...

And for god's sake, let's hope Leo has gotten over his "no more bareback" thing and he shoots more bb porn! For now, you can see plenty of scenes with him barebacking over at CocksureMen.com...

Leo Giamani fucking a bottom barebackLeo Giamani smiles as he barebacks Jesse Dalton
Jesse Dalton watches the cum spurt out of Leo Giamani's big dick

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